My Top 20 Favorite All-Time Recipes

Yesterday I shared 10 of my favorite all-time recipes I have posted (click the link to check it). I have posted so many ->170<- so I couldn’t just pick 10! I have selected 29 of my favorites, plus one of my brand new favorites.

Today I will share with you 10 MORE of my favorites! I hope you enjoy and of course stayed tune later this week for even more.

s'mores pie.jpg

S’Mores Pie

This recipe actually fueled my fire to start my own business. I had had an awakening hike in Colorado, revealing my calling to have my own cooking business. A month later, I brought this pie to Thanksgiving. Everyone raved about it, “why are you training those kettlebells, you should have your own bakery?” This was the encouragement I needed. A nod to go for it. So I started posting recipes. Then I got into our local farmer’s market. I have been gradually building it ever since.

rutabaga-friesRutabaga Fries

We ate a lot of potatoes growing up, but I haven’t eaten them in years. I do enjoy playing around with alternatives. I had never eaten or heard of a rutabaga before I started really experimenting and playing around with new foods and recipes. And to this day rutabaga make my favorite fries! Sometimes I’ll use my crinkle cutter and make them look legit.

spaghetti-meatball-pieSpaghetti & Meatball Pie

My mother ate a lot of Italian food while she was pregnant with me. Maybe that’s why I always loved Italian food growing up. Or why I married an Italian (even though we rarely eat pasta, but it is on my calendar to work on gluten-free pasta this year, to change this). That is why this is one of my favorite recipes. I enjoy making pie, why not make a spaghetti pie? Plus it is was pretty easy to make. Tabitha was lucky I saved her any when I made it at her house.


Goat Cheese Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Parsnips

Parsnips are like rutabagas, I only discovered them in the last few years. Zach and I love them too, they’re frequently on our grocery list (I just made some parsnip soup this week). This is hands down my favorite way I’ve ever prepared them. I truly enjoy goat cheese. Plus bacon. Bacon is a major weakness and I have a habit of wrapping things in bacon. The herby goat cheese paired with the tender parsnip and crispy bacon was perfection. And sharing this, makes me want to make this again. Maybe next week………


Sweet Potato Pizza Crust

Pies are my favorite thing to make and I have shared many here, but I equally love pizza. That is why my business is P3: Polifroni Pies & Pizzas. Over the years I have used all kinds of vegetables to make crusts: cauliflower, zucchini, spinach, rutabaga, plantains, and of course this sweet potato. Broil it a touch at the end. Top it to perfection and you are set to have a great pizza night. Maybe make the almond ice cream I posted yesterday to go with it.

img_20161116_173601-1Maple Pecan Pie

Not only do I love how this pie looks, I was super geeked about the flavors. My friend Heather wanted a pecan pie for Thanksgiving and I knew this would be delicious. I like the simple, beautiful look of the spoon arches. Plus I was really in to playing with lettering. I mean look at it, it’s adorable. Plus so good!


Egg Waffles

One day I was set on making waffles, my friend Heather happened to have a waffle maker in the back of her car. I racked my brain while I lived there to dream up waffle recipes. One day it struck me to make egg ones. Eggs are what I typically eat for breakfast, why not make them into waffles? Put a little salsa on top? I was so jazzed to then when they actually turned out and were delicious.

banana-splitBanana Split Granola Bars

As my husband and I were preparing for our two-week national parks trip, I was determined to come up with easy-to-pack foods to save on the cost of food (we did most of our own cooking rather than eating out). I knew right away I wanted to make granola bars and so I began experimenting. I was most excited to try these banana split bars. My husband loves bananas, and also I was on a banana split kick. I was having major success at work with a banana split cheesecake. These were SOOO good. The perfect bite after hiking up Angels Landing in Zion National Park for instance.

hamburger-casseroleHamburger Casserole

For years this was my go-to dish. I made it at a cooking class and it was so well received. I made it for my brother-in-law so many times afterwards (I may have added a seasoned cream cheese base to the casserole for him). Anyways, it is super easy, quick and tasty. All things I look for because I know we all have such busy lives sometimes.

cherry-cheesecake-filled-blondiesCherry Cheesecake Filled Blondies

I did this recipe for Valentine’s Day posts, having no clue, just how good these were going to be. I made them at the restaurant I worked at. I made them for my markets. They aren’t the prettiest of the things I make, but some of the best tasting. I’ve made it for dessert several times, waiting to tell the people it’s gluten-free after we’re done. They never believe. So AMAZING!

That wraps up the 10 recipes for today! Check in Thursday for the remaining 9 and one new absolutely delicious recipe.


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