Meatlovers Egg Muffins


IMAG2168.jpgEgg muffins have been one of my families favorite recipes for the past decade. We prepped them to take on every family vacation and travel trip. Dad and I both used them in cooking classes. What’s great about them, is the ability to customize them. This is something I think is essential to healthy eating success. I’ve worked with hundreds of people on eating programs. We are all unique individuals. So health is not always a one-size-fits-all. There are some super die-hards out there, who see in black in white when it comes to eating. I used to be one of them. But my perspective has changed. This black and white view is no longer serves me. There are so many variables to consider with health. Eating is key. I agree with that wholeheartedly. But being super stringent, I believe can be counter-productive. Stress I believe is just as detrimental to health as a poor diet. Stress rules the world. We are sucked up in busy, tight schedules. Stress. Jobs. Stress. Families. Stress. Exercise. Exercise is good but can be abused. Overexercising is not a positive. It places extra stress on your body. And then we stress and over-analyze everything bite we take. I used to do so much research, it honestly made me afraid to eat. My relationship with food really took a hit.

So I’ve had to ease up. Love my body. What it does. Respect it. Love the food I put in my body. I don’t eat gluten or processed foods. But sometimes I use butter or I’ll eat a little cheese. Or I’ll eat one of the baked goods I make. Or I’ll make coconut milk ice cream for Zach and I. I don’t scrutinize and punish myself for eating any longer. Eating became a shameful practice, which creates a nasty circle. If my eating wasn’t ‘perfect’ I would be so hard on myself. I would get down on myself. And feel bad about myself. We tie our self worth into our bodies, to our physical self. Which is BS. What matters is the condition of our heart, not the number on a scale. And I used to base my happiness and worth on that scale. I wasn’t living, but waiting for weigh-in’s. Then my happiness level depended on what it said. And then I waited for the next week. I looked great, but even at my smallest, it wasn’t enough. See how messed up this is? I couldn’t eat in front of people, I thought they too, were evaluating what I was eating. If I ate a bite of chocolate, my friends would freak and make a big deal. Anything ‘cheating’ got blown out of proportion. And I felt so under scrutiny. I stopped eating in front of people. There was such shame, in a fundamental human need.

Getting back a normal, functioning relationship with food and body, is a daily practice. I have to expel negative, old thoughts, daily. But I do better. I eat in front of people again. I am not so rigid. And I think of how I can share and use my experience to help others. Especially women, because I feel we have such pressure to look a certain way. Dieting is normal for women. And this pressure starts at a young age. We learn from the other women in our life, even if it is not their intention, they set the precedence for our outlook. I think about this. As Zach and I talk about starting a family soon. How I want to raise them. How I want them to feel. How I want them to feel about themselves. And we set the example. Therefore, I have to embody all the things I want for them. Love for others and acceptance of themselves, because I know already, I’m going to think they’re perfect and amazing. I want them to believe they are awesome and capable of anything. So I have to practice that on myself.

And so back to this recipe. We are all unique. We have unique tastes and what we like to eat. We have personal needs. We cut out dairy because it wasn’t agreeing with Zach. Some people can’t do nightshades. Or eggs or nuts. The list is varied, being at the market, I’ve seen and dealt with a lot. My job is to find something that person CAN eat and that they will enjoy.

So I’ve made this recipe with bacon, sausage and eggs because they’re my favorite part of breakfast, but there are so many more options. Maybe put shredded sweet potato ‘hash browns’ at the bottom. Add spinach or bell peppers or blueberries (I knew someone who made theirs like this). Add mushrooms or onion or garlic or kale. Maybe sprinkle a little goat cheese on the top. Make pizza ones with tomatoes and pepperoni. Make taco ones. Think of foods you like and put them in there. There is just a basic recipe, up for interpretation.

imag2183Meatlovers Egg Muffins

  • 12 slices of bacon
  • 6 sausage patties
  • 6 eggs
  • Salt and pepper to taste

How to Make it Happen:

Preheat oven to 400.

Slightly cook bacon. Set aside on a paper towel. Repeat with the sausage.

Spray a muffin pan. Lay down the sausage first. Wrap the bacon around the outside. Crack an egg into the center of each one. Season with salt and pepper.

Bake for 20 minutes, I left my yolk a little runny. Place muffin tin on a cooling rack. Cool before removing.

That’s it! If you want to add stuff. Just whisk your eggs with salt and pepper. Then add in your veggies or other proteins or fruit. Divide evenly into the muffin wells and bake.

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