Gluten-Free & Paleo Valentine’s Day Recipes

Today I have a compilation of my favorite valentine friendly recipes I have ever posted, plus a new one. Click the title to get the link 🙂

Holidays can be a nice reminder, but remember that love and gratitude for that love is something you DO everyday. A cycle of unconditional acceptance. Quick forgiveness. And contentment with your partner. Be thankful for them everyday. I look at my husband every day with such appreciation. How much better he makes my life. My only goal now is to be the best wife I can be.

Chocolate Raspberry Mason Jar Lid Pies


Cherry Cheesecake Pie

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Relationship Goals

16105973_10101593919414983_6300044595962405942_nRelationship goals.Let’s talk about it, because it’s almost Valentine’s Day and that time when we talk about love.  I see this a lot, this term relationship goals.. Usually referring to some celebrity couple. One in which we see one instance, but know nothing of the actual dynamic. We see the pretty polished package to the world. Such is social media too. A slippery slope into comparison. Relationship goals are good, but how we idolize others and theirs, maybe isn’t as good. Relationship goals should be unique to us. When we embrace our own unique selves, then we don’t have to compare to others. Plus we can be content within our lives and our relationships, instead of wondering why our significant other isn’t like _______  (insert a celebrity or someone you look up to). We meet and love them as they are. We truly open ourselves up to loving that person with an everlasting love.

This picture above, these are my relationship goals, happening now, in real life. My examples of love and marriage are beautiful. My parents are going on 38 years, my grandparents all close to 60 and lots of aunts in uncles in 25+ years of marriage. These relationships are not perfect. They have ups and downs, but they are shining examples of commitment. No matter their fights or the struggles they face, they are extremely loyal and have the others back. Family. Love. This was embedded in my upbringing and it is essential to me. I didn’t want to merely be married, a partner, for the rest of my life. Beyond the wedding, I wanted the raw commitment that comes with it.

For over a decade I patiently waited and prayed for this relationship. For this man. I knew the goals in my head and heart. I wanted someone fully committed to me. Who took and loved me, just as I am. A companion. Someone I enjoyed spending time with, so that spending the rest of our lives together (and eternity), would be a breeze. Someone I could travel the world with. And climb mountains. Someone by my side. I would see couples on trails, a little baby strapped to the front and I wanted that. That outdoor family life. To live in the woods and spend time on the road, exploring this magnificent world.  Continue reading “Relationship Goals”

Chocolate Raspberry Mason Jar Pies


I have been really excited to make these. I few weeks ago I attempted my first go with some extra cherry filling and pie dough. I learned that you don’t want to overfill the, as I had cherries trying to escape over the edge of the crust. And initially I was planning on just making regular raspberry pies, but when I made the chocolate crust for my market it was so beautiful and perfect, I HAD to make them chocolate raspberry.

Learning my lesson from the first attempt, I stuck with just pressing the crust to the side and not up and out to flute. Although, this could be an option, just make sure to fill below the lid brim. I wanted to attempt some lattice work though, so I stuck with keeping it simple.

The lattice work? With regular pie dough I can do some phenomenal stuff. I am known for my braided borders and some pretty weaving and work. This gluten-free dough is delicious and the best I’ve ever made and worked with, but a lack of gluten, also means a lack of elasticity. I am getting better at working with it. For instance I’ve learned that freezing is my friend, as well as cookie cutters. I’ll cut out letters, put them on parchment, freeze them and then put them directly on the pie when I’m ready to bake. Works beautifully. Same with my pie pops and turn-overs. I’ll make my dough up ahead of time, cut it out. Freeze and then bake. But I really want to do some lattice work. And I want to braid. So this was my first attempt.

And…… wasn’t perfect. The sticks were wanting to crack and were not easy to layer. They’re still cute, and absolutely delicious, but not up to par yet. So I will keep working on this braiding and lattice idea, but until then I would suggest cutting out little hearts for the center. Easy but cute and effective.

What I also love about baking into a mason jar lid beside the cuteness and perfect size, is that the bottoms are removable. I love all the tart pans I have because they have removable bottoms. So the outside of my crust and bottom come right out flawlessly and I’m not stuck trying to use a knife to shimmy something out of a pan. I paid a nice price for these pans too, so thank you mason jars for having this built in feature.

These are adorable and sure to be a crowd pleaser. Plus they’re a perfect little treat for yourself and your lover. So enjoy!

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Cherry Cheesecake Pie

imag2412Cherries are my favorite food…..EVER. Cheesecake is my dessert weakness. My grandmother made me cherry cheesecake for my birthday every year instead of cake (another fact about me is a hate cake, which is ironic because I used to be really into cake decorating there for a while). I am a pie girl. My company is a pie and pizza based bakery. Pies are my thing. So…………. A cherry cheesecake pie is a perfect fit. Oh my gosh the idea of it, itself made me super geeked to try it. I wanted to bake it Monday when I get ingredients, but I had to wait until I was prepping for my market. The agony of waiting killed and I may have rushed cooking it a smidge, like maybe I should have cooled the cheesecake longer before putting the cherry on. It would have been prettier, but it did not have an effect on taste.

These pies were PERFECT. And with Valentine’s Day approaching next week, this could be a perfect little treat for you and someone you love, and fit your gluten-free lifestyle. Cut this recipe in half and make personal mini pies if you want. This one here, is one of four that my half batch made.

Stay tuned because I’ll have more to come on the V-Day dessert front. Think chocolate raspberry pies baked in mason jars (the cuteness levels are off the charts) and chocolate pavlova cakes…….plus more.

Cherry Cheesecake Pie

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Rutabaga Tator Tots

imag2385Nobody gets to the top of the mountain without falling on his face over and over again.

So this was in the book I was reading this morning. And I absolutely needed it. Because it is true. This year, thanks in a large part to my husband helping me decide and being uber supportive, I’ve decided to go for it with my business. It is my job. My focus. Which frankly is a bit terrifying. It is also very exciting and rewarding. My creative energy seems explosive. And I finally have the time to make and produce the visions of my head. But going for it, also can bring some doubts. And some setbacks. I stopped training kettlebells four years ago and decided I wanted to start my own baking business. Sometimes it seems so slow. And that mean voice in my head will ask and question why hasn’t it blown up yet? Is it worth it? Can it be self-sustaining?

But it is a process. And all great people, face set-backs on their rise to the top. You don’t wake up morning, super successful. And the book gave examples from Henry Ford to Michael Jordan to Beethoven. And I think back on my own short journey so far. When I applied for the market in Terre Haute, I was rejected twice before an opening became available. And then I went full force. I showed up each week, me and my stuff. Perseverance and tenacity as important traits to have in life. When life tells you no, you except the timing may be wrong, but no matter what you don’t quit. The only true failure is quitting or giving up on a dream before you give it a fighting chance. So you keep working. You keep trying. You keep submitting until that no becomes a yes. You don’t take things lying down. And I have to remind myself of this. In December I started selling at a new market, in a town where no one knows. And I started in the winter, not a super busy time for farmer’s markets. But I am committed every other week. I get excited about my menu. I bake my heart out. And I hold that belief that it is going to be good, so good. Any sell and new person I meet is good. And in the summer when the season is hopping, I will rock it. But in the meantime, I keep working hard on all the other projects I need to do to set myself up for success. I finished my logo so I can print new business cards and brochures and banners. I’ve got flyers to hang up, old school, around town. I work on developing recipes and prepping for markets. I’m writing my cookbooks to sell. And also developing an 8-week program and cooking classes. So thank you for this slower time, so when the time to just bake and be productive comes, I’ll be ready and organized.

I’m posting all this with this recipe, because it took me until the third try to get this right. Initially I tried sweet potatoes and they were to mushy and big. Next I switched to rutabaga, but they didn’t hold together. Monday, though, I bought another rutabaga and I was going to give it another go. And they were beautiful. They had a tator tot texture. And they were good. Something I could a bunch of and freeze, so I can just pull and bake. Just because something doesn’t turn out the first time or you get a no, don’t let that stop you. Continue reading “Rutabaga Tator Tots”

Salmon Cakes


You don’t always get everything right the first time. Lesson in point, these salmon cakes. We had some salmon chilling in the freezer. “How about some salmon cakes,” requests my awesome husband. Of course I confidently reply Of Course I Can. Maybe I was overconfident…….

Regardless the first attempt ended up not holding together and I kind of just tossed it in the skillet. Attempt number two?

I nailed it. This made 5 too (too many for my husband and I), so I refrigerated some for the next day, and they cooked up even better than the first batch. Looking at this picture, however, I am on a roll with failed attempts, because the side on the left were supposed to be rutabaga tator tots. They ended up being rutabaga hash browns. And this was my second attempt. My first attempt was with sweet potatoes and they were too big and too soggy.

This meal with the salmon cake, rutabaga hash browns, and broccoli (with one piece of bacon chopped in) was so well balance, filling, and absolutely delicious.

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Crispy Gluten-Free Buffalo Chicken


imag2232I love some buffalo chicken. My husband and I really enjoy a salad bar, especially in the summer time. Zach typically puts buffalo chicken on his. But he has joined me this year and has cut out gluten and dairy, to see how he feels  (he feels loads better for the record). And I have been working hard to cook us some delicious meals for us that he will love, without feeling like he’s restricted. So I have been planning this recipe for a couple of weeks. I made some fried chicken with tapioca and coconut flour two weeks ago (I’ll post that this week too), and it clicked: I should make this with buffalo chicken. I think I was more excited to make it for Zach and to transform something he likes into a better option.

This was hands down one of my favorite recipes I’ve made the last month. And I have been posting and experimenting, a lot, so that is saying something. We ate it with salad, but it is good on it’s own with broccoli or sweet potato fries or tator tots (working on a recipe for this too). And it really didn’t take that long to make. SO GOOD!

Buffalo Chicken Salad

  • 1 lbs. chicken breast
  • 3 cups pork rinds
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ½ tsp pepper
  • ½ tsp garlic powder
  • ½ tsp onion powder
  • 1/3 cup tapioca flour
  • 1/3cup coconut flour
  • 2 eggs, local pasture-raised
  • ¼ cup coconut milk
  • 1 cup buffalo sauce

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