Gluten-Free Naan Bread

IMAG3112This winter I was wanting to make some fresh mini pizzas. I found some made with naan bread. This was my first time making the naan bread, and it turned out perfectly and the pizzas received rave reviews.

I have had the Indian bread in my head ever since. I’ve been wanting to make a gluten-free adoption. Last week like was the week of recipe experiments for me. I tried at least 5 new ones, just on Tuesday. This naan was one of them.

And I’ll confess straight out the gate, the first trial was a no-go. Coconut flour was not going to work. So I adjusted the flours and tried again.

When they started to puff up in the skillet, I wanted to jump and dance in celebration. Then I flipped it over to a beautifully browned under-belly and I was ELATED.

I gently placed them in folds of towel to keep them warm, excited to try one. I had to really gather myself and try not to rush through making the butter chicken I was making to pair with it. WOW on the butter chicken.

And the naan bread! Make sure to roll them nice and thin.

I plan on using this recipe again to play with some mini pizzas! I hope you enjoy!

Note you usually make naan with yogurt, but I had found some goats milk kefir, which I thought would be even healthier, and easier for Zach to digest.

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Paleo Banana Cookies N’ Cream Ice Cream


I am going to keep on with my tradition the past month of posting ice cream on Mondays. You’re welcome 🙂

I had been brain-storming so hard on what flavors to make. I was leaning towards my favorite: chocolate chip cookie dough, just adapting it to gluten and dairy-free. I thought about apple pie. Or maybe a peanut butter cookie. Or some form of cheesecake spin.

And then it hit! Most of these I have been trying to make for my husband, who enjoys ice cream, but dairy tears him up. So why not make his favorite? Duh!

His favorite happens to be cookies n’ cream with banana. Oreos? I can make that. It’s easy to add a banana to the ice cream base, plus it will add some sweetness.

I tasted it before freezing and I’ll admit, it was good, but not my favorite of the ones I’ve made (that would be the sweet potato, while Zach’s is the Banana Split). After it froze though, the banana flavor really kicked in and it was wonderful, plus perfect amounts of cookies in each one.

If you don’t want banana, it’s easy to adjust, just omit it and add a smidge more honey.

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Gluten-Free Lemon Meringue Tart with Lavender


If you recall, last week I was on a smidge of kick making lemon-themed recipes. I started with the Blueberry Lemon Curd Dutch Baby (click the link to check it out). Today I have these beautiful Lemon Lavender Meringue Tarts, which I will be honest tempted me the most. They called my name repeatedly. And turning them down was really hard.

I am not typically a meringue fan, but this meringue with just egg whites and honey, was really light and airy, plus it wasn’t very sweet. The lemon had the very subtle taste of the lavender and was perfectly tart. Plus the crust on this. Crust is always my favorite part of a pie, but there was something just perfect texturally about it this time.

Next week I’ll end my lemon obsession with some delicious lemon bars.

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Buffalo Chili


I do enjoy most things flavored buffalo. I like a little heat with my meals. I’ve been craving some soup lately, and this soup provided the perfect amount of heat. Not overwhelming.

I used not to be a big soup eater, note the limited number of soup recipes I’ve posted and it’s pretty obvious. But lately, notably in the last year, I have been craving and giving in. The more I indulge the cravings, the more I like the nostalgia of soup. Wintery, cold, windy, overcast days, I want nothing more than to be curled up with our dog on the sofa, tall comfy socks covered with a moose print on my feet, nestled in with a warm, flavorful bowl of soup, and my vision coming to life on my computer screen.

Image may contain: dog
Want I envision. An afternoon of warm soup, snuggled in with these guys

Besides all that romantic, nostalgic stuff, I like how easy soup is. Because a lot of people are busy to cook and sometimes I bake or cook myself out and want something quick and easy. I can put it in my crock pot and go about my day. Plus I can fill up the crock and have leftovers for the week. I’m about that leftover life sometimes. When my husband comes home on break, I just want to spend time with him, not slaving over a stove for half of it. So soup is really starting to become my go-to.  Continue reading “Buffalo Chili”

Banana Cream Pie Cupcakes

IMAG3095.jpgSometimes you can have all the beautiful plans and intentions in the world, but something will happen and put a wrench in the system. Character is how you deal with it, find a solution and the attitude you have. Do you feel sorry for yourself? Or do you stay positive.

My husband was gone for 4 days last week at a Great Banquet. For his return Sunday, I had all these beautiful ideas. I was going to clean the car out, vacuum and shine it up. I  was going to fill it up, for our return to trip to Champaign Monday morning. I was going to get the dog food. Do my grocery shopping for my market this week. And I was going to bake him these cupcakes. I was excited. I have never posted a cupcake recipe on here. Zach loves bananas so I thought they would be a perfect little treat when he got home. Really I was just ecstatic to see him because I couldn’t talk to him for 4 days. No text, nothing.

My plans got derailed. I swore I knew the pin code to his debit card. To keep the story short, I didn’t (I did have all the right numbers though). And the atm may have captured and taken it. So most of plans got deferred. Well really just these cupcakes and the grocery shopping.

And he didn’t really care. just seeing each other was enough. But I still had it in my heart to make these (I had told him I was going to), to remain impeccable with my word. And because I thought they would delicious.

And they were delicious.

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Dairy-Free Sweet Potato Ice Cream


I love ice cream! Have I said that before?

Even though I am a baker at heart, I truly enjoy the process of baking and the creativity and art I experience with it, but if I am craving a sweet treat outside of fruit, I am either going for: cheesecake or ice cream.

Who doesn’t love ice cream, maybe is the better question.

A few weeks ago I posted a recipe for Banana Split Ice Cream. My husband loves ice cream too and since we’ve cut the dairy for him, I’ve been trying to play with some different ice creams he can still indulge in sometimes. Plus when I was looking back on recipes I’ve done in my past, I realized I hadn’t made or posted any ice cream lately.

Also I will say I may get my cravings from my father, but he gets them from his father. In recent years my grandfather has taken to making ice creams, and they are really good. He’s gotten it down.

This sweet potato is nice and subtle. This recipe is perfectly smooth and creamy and I do not use an ice cream maker. I do like to run it through my food processor after it’s initial freeze to get more creaminess. I would suggest a maple swirl with this or toasted pecans on the top. Mmm…mmm good! Continue reading “Dairy-Free Sweet Potato Ice Cream”

GF Sweet Potato Ravioli with a Sage Sauce

imag2985I love Italian food. My mother ate it while she was pregnant with me. My husband is Italian. Hello, our last name is Polifroni!

However I do eat gluten-free/paleo and I do not like to buy gluten-free products at the store, I think they’re overly processed as well and not really good for you.Last month I did see some paleo ravioli at the store, as well as bread (which I don’t really ever crave) and it was ridiculously expensive. The bread was $13 for a very small, frozen loaf. I don’t remember the price of the ravioli, but it was nothing I would spend. Plus I am a baker and like to make things myself, why not make it fresh too. And I make a bread that’s fluffy and a good size, not dense.

So I have had ravioli on my mind since then. Actually I think of pastas frequently. But all my past attempts at pasta had failed, so I kind of swore it off for a bit. But with seeing it at the store and with Zach trying so hard to cut out dairy and gluten-free, I have been experimenting more with our meals so he doesn’t have to feel like he is missing out on anything.

I saw a sweet potato ravioli and thought that sounded delicious. And from there it just happened and I have this recipe for you here today. I hope you enjoy. I know Zach and I sure did. And I was really nervous to make these for my Italian husband who has worked at a fabulous Italian restaurant in an Ann Arbor and knows how to make pasta. He did he most of it and I asked him points for next time. He just said they needed to be thinner and that next time I’ll get my grandma’s pasta sheeter and he will show me how to shape them. Man I love him, he is awesome in so many ways. Can’t wait to play with filling combos. Plus we can freeze a bunch ahead of time.

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