Deer Jerky

003In my research days, I had a short stint with preserving food. I think it came about when I decided to research salt. Needless to say, looking up one thing had me delving further. I had a pretty intensive fling with pemmican (look it up), I don’t know why, but I needed to discover all I could about pemmican.

When I open up the freezer and stare at the piles of venison, I think hmm…..what to do? What to do? I took most of it and ground it into my own hamburgers (yum!), but what about the rest? JERKY. Talk about a traditional way of preserving food. And I have a dehydrator!

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Caramel Apple Nachos

This lovely little recipe I made for my little nephews (see below) a few years ago. What a beautiful fun Fall recipe. Yes caramel apples are the tradition, but what if we deconstructed the caramel apple so to speak?

What a fun little weekend treat too!

Caramel Apple Nachos

  • 1 granny smith apple
  • 1/4 cup Enjoy Life Chocolate
  • 1/8 cup chopped pecans
  • 2 tbsp whipped coconut

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Perfectly Baked Bacon


A trip to my grandparents’ to discuss gluten-free donuts, naturally led to a conversation about bacon (the love obviously runs in the family). They have been baking their bacon in the oven and they raved of its perfection. I had to give it a go. And here we have it. I couldn’t get pictures that truly justified taste. Again it’s one of those instances where a smell or taste cam would really help this post. I didn’t go the entire time I was instructed because I don’t like mine super crispy. The juices ran off and the flavor was FANTASTIC.I will never fry bacon again.

Perfect Baked Bacon

Bliss-on-the-Go: Go Green Chips


Sometimes you’ve got places to be, people to see. Sometimes you just want a little snack, not a whole meal. For meal post yoga I just want a little munch before I head off to hike. Boom solution: Go Green Chips plus some hard- boiled eggs and I am ready to adventure/explore/connect/soul-search/walk-it-out/jam/be mindful/be in bliss. Plus you can tailor your green mix to whatever you like. I find combining them together is easier for me. For instance spinach and I are aren’t really good friends, but when I put it in the mix with others greens that I enjoy, then we get along splendidly. Get creative, maybe throw in a little color, as you can see I’ve taken creative freedom to add some red cabbage to this batch!

Go Green Chips

Prep Day: Fun Day

005 - Copy

I do better with my eating when I am prepped and ready. Because I confess I can get a little impatient once I’m ready to eat. I don’t necessarily want to wait while I chop the veggies. And let’s face it, it’s probably a little unwise to be rushed when dicing peppers. I like all my fingers, just saying. So I take an afternoon. I take a little time, maybe an hour or less. Depends on how much food I’ve got to get ready. I get home. Spread it on the counter. Launch an attack list. What do I want to get done?

  • Cut up the cabbage, chard, collard greens, mustard greens, kale for chips. Toss it with oil, seasonings, and spinach and get them in the dehydrator-stat-to keep up with your Green veggie fixation
  • Take that bone marrow, make the BEST freaking bone broth ever
  • Cut the cauliflower in half. Make half into mashed cauliflower. Dehydrate the rest. Process and make some cauliflour (in blog development now)
  • Take that beautiful grass-fed roast, get it in the slow cooker with those flavorful bone broth cubes you’ve got in the freezer. When it’s done, take a few moment to shred and store.
  • Get the eggs out. You got three dozen. Boil a third of them. Boom and another on the go meal.
  • Slice the jerky. Get it in a marinate, that way all you have to do is put it in the dehydrator tomorrow. Continue reading “Prep Day: Fun Day”

Olympic Thoughts and some Borscht

031Confession: I am a complete Olympic nerd and  junkie. Growing up I always enjoyed those two weeks every two years when I could sit down with my family and watch the world’s finest. I couldn’t get enough. I’d read books. I searched the internet. I stocked up on Sports Illustrated. Then I’d spend my spare time sketching Olympic athlete after Olympic athlete. I grew up with a passion for art. After an advanced art class in 5th grade I become infatuated with drawing portraits. Later this morphed into sports photos. I studied Exercise Science in college. With so many anatomy classes and so much history with sports sketches you can see my fascination with the body. Now as I think about it, the interest is not about physical perfection or muscle definition, it’s about limits. I am a thoughtful person. Straight-up, I’m one of those positive thinking, meditating, peaceful, hippy types. And I’m okay with that. I thoroughly enjoy my thought process-that’s part of the reason I don’t drink anymore, I like what’s going on in my head. That being said I am a firm believer in infinite possibilities. I think we each hold an unfathomable amount of potential in each of us. I notice lately how I like to test this. Often they’re little test or sometimes they’re bigger. I’m always testing who I think I am (or who I should be) vs. the great me. I live for a challenge. If I perceive something to be harder, count me in, excitement is through the roof. I’ve hiked more in the snow, ice, and sub-zero temperatures in Indiana than I did all Fall. However, if I think something is easy the excitement takes a dip, as does the energy. School for instance was a breeze. I rarely studied or tried. Unless someone told me a class was ‘hard’. Boom here comes the Brittany who wants to be extraordinary. That’s it, I want to believe in my own greatness. To me the Olympics kind of represents this. The best athletes from all over the world. Athletes who have over come the odds. Who have trained their whole lives. Who have faced challenges. Who have faced injuries. But despite whatever their back story, they’re here in Sochi fulfilling their passion. Continue reading “Olympic Thoughts and some Borscht”

Eat Locally: Creating Healthy Communities

Eat Local - Paige MorseMy big goal this year is simple: BE better. To me this means listening to my body. Doing exercises that feel good. Fueling myself with nourishing foods. To me a big component of nourishing is local foods. Last year I attended a seminar on built environment that really changed my perspective. Not only did I start logging over 100 miles of two-wheeled commuting, but my thoughts on food sources strengthened. Here is what I learned:

We have to come together as a community, not just for ourselves but for our children but for the future. Do we want to let our children be the first generation to not live as long as us, because that is exactly where we are headed? And we can’t just implement temporary solutions and give away free t-shirts. We have to change what is available. We have to create a community where health can flourish. Continue reading “Eat Locally: Creating Healthy Communities”

Bliss Bowl: Super Bowl Recipes

5650_558082087333_6041384_nI am an Indiana girl. I was born and raised in the good-old midwest. I also happen to be brought up in Colts country. Terre Haute (my hometown) was home to the football teams training camp. Summers were spent droving over to Rose Hulman to catch a peek at the team. I was so pumped when I finally turned 21 and could linger at the bars in hopes of meeting a Colts player. Of course the night I spot Peyton Manning on the second floor of the Copper Bar, my best friend decides to be all ‘let’s respect his privacy’ and drag me away. How many days did I spend at camp? How many Colts parties did I throw. How many Peyton jerseys did my family, friends, and I have? How many good times and memories.

Coincidentally when I moved to Colorado, Peyton did too. When my friends came to visit, we just so happened to be in Denver when there was a Broncos game. “Let’s go to a game!” Thanks to my best friend Tab for the best birthday present ever and impromptu tickets to the game. Talk about fun, people in Denver and Colorado know how to have a good time. Period. So much laughter, it makes me smile instantly when I think back. Continue reading “Bliss Bowl: Super Bowl Recipes”

Why I Eat Grass-Fed

This year one of my top health goals is to eat more local foods. A key component of this is local MEAT. A few years ago after a much research I realized I needed to eat grass-fed or pasture-raised meat (and eggs) or wild, as I come from a family of hunters (and hunt myself), venison stocked in the freezer is a beautiful site. Why? I’d like to take Sunday’s to talk food a little bit. What my food goals are. Why have I chosen them? What do they do for me? How do they make me better? How do they make me healthier? Let’s dive in!

Not all beef is created equally and it is a shame that red meat has gotten such a bad rap because it has such wonderful health benefits and it is something that I look forward to eating every day. Like most things natural, we came along and messed up the cow. Not only did we jack up their stomachs by feeding them grains that they were not meant to digest, but we cramped them together in feedlots so their short lives are filled with hormone and antibiotic injections before we ship them off for slaughter. Not only does this sound inhumane, but it has completely altered the health and quality of the meat, therefore altering OUR health as well. As we’ll look at, it’s not just cows, but actually all meat sources in the US where we have a problem. Our ancestors grew strong and lived relatively disease-free lives roaming the country feasting on the wild game, enjoying not only the muscle meat, but the nutritious organs and bones. So where did we go wrong? We’ll get into this more later, but ultimately the Agricultural Revolution and later the all-consuming thought of making a dollar detoured us from our robust fitness and health. Cows are ruminants: four-legged mammals with an even number of toes, who graze on greenery. They have four stomachs that are designed to help them break down plants (got that plants not grains). As we started producing and grains, we started feeding them to our food sources as well, plus we noticed that the cattle fattened up quicker if we fed them grain (and in some reports some feedlots have actually fed cattle ‘by-product foodstuffs‘ which include: candy, such as lemon drops and gummy bears; bakery waste like stale bread, old pasta, and potato waste like French fries and potato chips), rather than letting them grow naturally by grazing on grass. Eventually we created a supercow, if you will, with enlarged pituitary glands that we injected hormones and antibiotics into. We could breed them like crazy, cram them together in stalls, get more milk that was tainted so that we have to pasteurize it (therefore, removing the nutrients and creating useless milk filled with sugar and not healthy fat), and then slaughter them, selling the public a weak version of a great food source. This traditional grocery store meat pales in comparison to the natural Continue reading “Why I Eat Grass-Fed”

Lavender Hot Chocolate

007Round #3 of Lavender Week! Oh Indiana I love your unpredictable nature. Life is change and your relationship with uncertainty. We have to be able to adapt. Life is not stagnant no matter how much we try to be safe inside our little comfort zones, that’s not how it is. We are changing. Our cells are constantly changing. The body you have now will not be the same in 10 years, you can fight it, but this is the truth. Nature changes all the time. Life is change. So thank you Indiana for pushing me to believe my talk. Snow, again? Okay I can deal. I will show you my adaptability! Today I will stay inside and rock some delicious cold weather recipes. Like today. Baby it’s cold outside and I am warming myself with a bit of lavender hot chocolate. Change, uncertainty, I love you. Smells great. Tastes even better.  Perfection today.

Lavender Hot Chocolate