Sweet Potato Pizza Crust

001I have had it in my head for a while that I would make a pizza crust made out of sweet potatoes. Ever since I saw bleu cheese sweet potato wedges, I knew I wanted to play off of this in pizza form. And I finally made myself get in the kitchen last week to make things happen. The results? My taste tester claims that is was delicious and he knows better than to lie to me, especially when it comes to my recipe testing, so I think it was legitimately good.

YAeh35eMi5_YcGPd9vWNI7hF5Dw52GmWw4BuZzSsTRg=w723-h481-noSweet Potato Pizza

  • 2 sweet potatoes
  • 1/2 cup shredded cheese
  • 3 eggs
  • Italian Seasonings

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Super Bowl Recipe Round-Up

It’s Friday, the Super Bowl is Sunday, here are some recipes. Short simple and absolutely delicious!

Buffalo Chicken Party Pizza Poppers

  • 1 1/2 cup cauliflower rice
  • 3/4 cup cheese
  • 3 egg whites
  • Shredded chicken
  • Cream Cheese
  • Buffalo Sauce
  • 1/4 cup ghee

How to make the Crust: Mix the orange ingredients, season with Italian seasoning. Spoon into muffin tins and press down. Bake at 450 until slightly browned.  For the topping melt cream cheese and ghee in a saucepan. Stir in hot sauce and shredded chicken. Add the topping and bake another 8-10 minutes. Let cool and serve!


Sweet Potato Bacon Bites

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Sweet Potato Balls

xijvEO0ks7KucW5Dut1exvfyE6agfn1jxMm3vhWMRPk=w788-h524-noI think by now it’s pretty evident that even for someone who spends a vast majority of my time in a kitchen, I am not immune from messing up.

Last week I got this monstrous, beautiful sweet potato from Heron Bay farms at the market. Ooh I’m going to make mashed sweet potatoes! In my head I was already 10 steps ahead, patting myself on the back for my tasty dish and for being such a good roomie, making some for Heather, who’s been wanting some.

As you can probably guess, my cockiness totally killed my dish. To my mashed cauliflower I generally add a tablespoon or two of cream cheese. And I’ve done the same thing to sweet potatoes in the past. But this time I ended up with this thick mass (okay it was a ball) of sweet potato. Sure I could have added coconut milk, but that would also mean I’d have to have some on hand. Hmm…

I put in the fridge, determined to resolve the issue in the morning. What to do?

Boom, inspiration hits! I have this tendency when my market baking goes awry or if something is not pretty, I just roll it into balls. Little popable things. Why not roll the sweet potato into balls then. While I’m at it, why not let them roll around in a little Continue reading “Sweet Potato Balls”

Butternut Chips

07ed7ba7f5b865d60a762c9f4266c186I saw this pin on my Pinterest last week on Butternut Recipes, because Pumpkin ones are so last year. Although I still cave and post/bake/sell a lot of pumpkin dishes, I fell in love with butternut 2 years ago. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a mere 24 months since I tried butternut for the first time. I knew with that first bite, that there was some connection there, a budding relationship. I did a few (okay a lot) of butternut recipes last year. Don’t believe me? Here are some links to the posts I did featuring the squash.

Butternut Burgers

Bacon Wrapped Butternut and Apple Stuffed Pork Loin

Butternut Casserole

Butternut Sage Soup

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Shrimp Cakes

I love the movie Wedding Crashers (actually I’m a fan of any Vince Vaughn/Will Ferrell pairing, hello Old School, you are my favorite).

Anyways my friends and I like to play through the crab cake scene, where Vince Vaughn feigns being deaf and Owen Wilson interprets. Here I’ll give you a visual.

Needless to say when I think of seafood cakes, I think of this every time. This recipe, however is not for crab, it’s for shrimp (but it’s just as good). It’s easy, it’s different, and it’s party friendly and your friends and family should love it.

Shrimp Cakes

  • 1 lb. shrimp
  • 2 tbsp Cilantro
  • 1/4 cup Coconut milk
  • Coconut Oil

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Rosemary Parsnip Chips

011I’m constantly playing around with making various types of chips and fries (frequently wrapping them in bacon). Today I carry on with my parsnip theme and my chip fascination. I tried parsnip for the first time four years ago. I was working on a mash trio. I had recently discovered the magic of mashed cauliflower, but I wanted to explore and see what else I could try. I wanted variety. I wanted to try new vegetables. In the trio I tried: rutabaga, parsnip, and celeriac (all for the first time). The parsnip intrigued me the most. It had an interesting flavor all on its own. Even though I confess, my initial reaction was: I don’t like this. I kept returning to the parsnip. It was definitely something I had to give a second chance to, so I could appreciate what it had to offer. And so four years later, I revisit it today in another form: crispy chips. These are so easy to make, so if you’re looking to try parsnip for the first time you may go this route, plus they’re just plain good.

Rosemary Parsnip Chips

  • 2 parsnips
  • 2 tbsp Coconut ghee (or lard or coconut oil or raw grass-fed butter or tallow)
  • Sea Salt
  • Rosemary (mine is from my market neighbor Carol)

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Bacon Plantain Wraps

004 (1)I may or may not have a problem with wrapping things in bacon, but what can I say it’s bacon. I partly blame my own infatuation with bacon and I partly blame my friends who are newly single. Apparently bacon (and sweet potato fries) are the best break-up food. Talking about my sweet potato bacon wraps at work the other day, I was struck with brilliance: let’s try plantains. And so I made them. I’ll note here if I had to alter this recipe I would flash fry the plantains in coconut oil for like a minute on each side before wrapping them. If you’ve never tried plantains, this may be a good first effort in giving them a shot. Even though they may look like bananas, they are not sweet. They are more starchy. They pair nicely with coconut oil and salt.

Bacon Wrapped Plantains

  • Plantain
  • Bacon

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Valentine Day Goodies

051Alright so Friday is Valentine’s Day, never one to miss¬† a theme opportunity, I have a compiled a few recipes. Notice the shape of a heart in every single one? I didn’t intend for that to happen, but they were so cute. I have also noticed in me that the Love Holiday brings out my love of bacon. Last year I featured a bacon bouquet, this year I have made chocolate dipped bacon hearts. What can I say I’m not a candy, chocolate kind of girl. So here are some delicious treats to share with the loved ones this week, enjoy!

027Chocolate Dipped Bacon Hearts

The Best Bacon Beet Green Chips

001I am still sticking with my foods that start with B kick! At the February Farmer’s Market I purchased some beautiful beets from Kate and Jason. My first initial reaction was to make a beet and curry stew. My second was to make chips. So lucky for you, I decided not to sacrifice, but jump in and make them both. See I really extend myself for you, my readers and recipe seekers. Alright, I love to create too, but mostly I do it, because I love to share. I feel as if I have made all kinds of veggie chips: radishes, kale, cabbage, spinach, collard greens, butternut, sweet potato, parsnip, rutabaga, and Brussels sprouts. And once a long time ago I made beet chips. I don’t feel like I gave them a fighting chance, so I tried them again. I’m sorry but I am still not a fan of beets. However when I stood there looking at the beet greens I thought, “I hate to toss these out”. So I threw them in the dehydrator too. Yum the beet greens were a surprising victory. Verdict on beet green chips: winning! Thanks to Jason and Kate for these yummy local goodness.

Beet Chips

Bliss Bowl: Super Bowl Recipes

5650_558082087333_6041384_nI am an Indiana girl. I was born and raised in the good-old midwest. I also happen to be brought up in Colts country. Terre Haute (my hometown) was home to the football teams training camp. Summers were spent droving over to Rose Hulman to catch a peek at the team. I was so pumped when I finally turned 21 and could linger at the bars in hopes of meeting a Colts player. Of course the night I spot Peyton Manning on the second floor of the Copper Bar, my best friend decides to be all ‘let’s respect his privacy’ and drag me away. How many days did I spend at camp? How many Colts parties did I throw. How many Peyton jerseys did my family, friends, and I have? How many good times and memories.

Coincidentally when I moved to Colorado, Peyton did too. When my friends came to visit, we just so happened to be in Denver when there was a Broncos game. “Let’s go to a game!” Thanks to my best friend Tab for the best birthday present ever and impromptu tickets to the game. Talk about fun, people in Denver and Colorado know how to have a good time. Period. So much laughter, it makes me smile instantly when I think back. Continue reading “Bliss Bowl: Super Bowl Recipes”