Programs & Classes

COMING in 2018

I  have ALWAYS loved cooking and baking. I remember being in our kitchen when I was younger, pretending and make-believing that I was on a cooking show. Of course my dad would hear me and yell to inquire who I was talking to. Nothing of course was my response. But I proceeded in whispered fervor. And then there was the week when I was 8 where I baked a pie a day for the sheer fun of  creating.

Out of college I was training kettlebells, when the opportunity to do cooking classes came up. I was hooked. I typed out recipe booklets to take home. Made little favor bags with desserts for the students. My photographer friend took pictures. I spent all day prepping. And for 2 hours I made over 20 recipes to be sampled. I loved it.

It has been my goal for years to get back to that. And I am getting back to that. Starting here with my declaration for it to be so. My plan and goal is to start classes in January 2018.

I am also working hard on putting together an 8-week program to also launch in August. My mission with it is to not only teach, but serve. To help people not only become healthier, but happier. We’ll discuss all the aspects of health. I’ll work with you one-on-one. We’ll do personal cooking classes designed for you and your personal tastes. We’ll do kettlebells. You will have my undivided attention.

Here is what I am working on and thinking about: