Sunbutter Cookie Cheesecake Jar


Sunbutter can be one of my favorite nut butters to use. I like to make sunbutter cookies. Sometimes (most of the time) at home I just put things in a bowl and hope it turns out. Sometimes that doesn’t work and a batch of cookies turn out flat or crumbly. When this happens, I am just stubborn and hard-headed enough not to give up yet. I am going to make this work. Actually, fuck that, I am going to make something better! Clearly I am a strong-headed little thing.

So one day I was making a batch of my favorite sunbutter cookies. They were ugly (note to self, space better next time). I can’t present these to anyone. My brain races for a creative solution. Cheesecake. It is one of my favorite desserts to make. My granny made me cherry cheesecake growing up rather than cake on my birthday. I am into making cheesecake in jar form the last year. This time I opted for a mug. And I had 10 pounds of sunbutter, so I figured I could add some to the batter. I am told that this was absolutely delicious in spite of the muted color, the taste was on point. And it was easy to make!

Sunbutter Cookies

  • 2 cups sunbutter
  • 1 cup coconut sugar
  • 1 local, pasture-raised eggs
  • 2 tsp apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda

Cheesecake Filing

  • 8 oz. Cream Cheese
  • 1/3 cup sunbutter
  • 1/4 cup local honey

Let’s Make it Happen: Preheat oven to 350. Stir all the cookie ingredients. Roll into balls. Press down. Bake until slightly browned like 8 or 10 minutes.

For the filling just process it all.

Once the cookies have cooled. Assemble. Crumble cookies into the bottom of a mug. Layer cheesecake. Crumble more cookies. Repeat until you’ve reached the top! Sprinkling a little more cookie on the top.

Gluten-Free Pretzel Buns


I have been working on HARD to bring you this recipe.

I work at this local joint called Fifi’s Lunchbox. I absolutely adore it. I am the baker (yep the one and only) and catering assistant. I get to bake fresh baked goods to fill a beautiful case. I also make all of the pretzel buns we use on our burgers, fresh everyday. As a creative soul, this job is kind of a dream. Add that I also have amazing bosses, who give me quite a bit of creative freedom. Plus I get to art and paint on the windows too.  Do I need to explain my adoration anymore?

So I feel like that last paragraph should have got some wheels turning as to today’s post. I make hundreds of pretzel buns a week. Naturally I wanted a gluten-free adaption.

My first trial bred the picture above. It was actually pretty freaking delicious and I was so stunned and pumped that it actually tasted like a pretzel. I can’t tell you the last time I had a pretzel (maybe high school if not longer). However, I used all tapioca flour. That made my baking soda bath a fragile moment. I wasn’t sure if they were going to make it out alive. They were slightly flat. And the tapioca made for a slightly stretchy bun. For although I loved them and didn’t mind this texture, I knew I needed to make some adjustments.

And so here is round number 2. Much better consistency. Don’t they look legit? Plus I even got fancy and sprinkled a little salt on the top.

With this basic bun you can fill with your wildest burger fantasies.

IMG_20151122_215741Gluten-Free Pretzel Buns Continue reading “Gluten-Free Pretzel Buns”

Brittany’s Gluten-Free Bagels


Do you ever have places that just seem to call your name? Sometimes it’s a quiet faint whisper. A gentle, little nudge. Sometimes it seems to yell your name from the rooftops.

I don’t know if you ever experience this, but for me the answer is a definitive YES. Some of my favorite trips: Yosemite, Vancouver. They were places I was drawn. An internal knowing that I needed these trips for some reason. Currently Oregon is on my list. I know that I have to take a trip there. It yells my name, “Brittany why haven’t you come here yet?!?!” Good freaking question. The foodie, hippie, weirdness has captivated me.

Closer to home, Bloomington draws me in. There is an inherent since of belonging when I go there. It tells me to venture there. Come eat. Come to the market. Move my market booth there? Why not try? Come explore. Walk around downtown. Walk around campus. This initial pic is one from a trip I took last weekend when my friend, Heather and I ventured there.

For Indiana I would consider it a progressive town. It is beautiful and inviting. Plus it holds inspiration for a foodie like me. Heather is an IU grad so she showed me around the local haunts. An inside look at good food and places to go. On our way back to the car we stopped at Bloomington Bagels. Locally made and boiled, is what the sign said. Local is a key word for me, that makes me stop in my tracks. Plus this is my second experience with bagels. When I went to Colorado this summer for my cousin, Jacki, the local coffee shop served gluten-free bagel sandwiches. I had intended to work on gluten-free bagels then. However, creativity for me is usually a spark. If I don’t strike right away, it will diminish. So Bloomington reignited that spark and yesterday I took action.  Continue reading “Brittany’s Gluten-Free Bagels”

Sweet Potato Bacon Bites

007These little bites I threw together for a birthday dinner last week. They were a big SUCCESS, so I thought let’s do it. Add them to Delishmas and let them bring joy to the holiday season. They are easy to make. They have bacon. All you have to do is pop one in your mouth. They’re perfect for parties and dinner sides. Hello, they are a freaking gift worthy giving. The gift of yummy food moans.

Sweet Potato Bacon Bites

Hasselback Sweet Potatoes


I felt a tinge bad about replacing the sweet potato in the casserole. I have decided to give it a second chance, to let it play a sidekick. Today I put together this beautiful hasselback sweet potato and it was relatively easy to make, as well as packed with taste.

Hasselback Sweet Potatoes


284Part of what I love about the farmer’s market is the community feel of it. The friendly farmer lovingly tending and raising your food. Bring it to you at the market. I also love Midwestern values. People can just be downright friendly. Last week when my tent was blowing away with the wind, they stepped into to help me. Another instantly gave me her number and address when I expressed an interest in kefir. Call me, come right over when you’re done here, I’ll give you some grains. Not only did I get some gifted grains, but I got an instructional lesson and a taste (boy was it good, more to come on this soon). Then today’s post happened thanks to these giving people. My dear friend Mary brings me some Sorghum and says: I want some gingersnaps. I can do that, I’m on it. Then at the end of the market the Amish couple diagonally across from me came bearing gifts of sorghum. Take it, I just made it this week. Holy cow, I think I need to take this and I need to make some gingersnaps. I confess I was a sugar-cookie, sandie kind of cookie girl, but my family (notably my mom and my grandma Dreher claims them to be their favorites) are avid fans. So for them, for you I have made some gingersnap cookies. Thank you Mary. Thank you to the Market. Thank you, thank you to all.


Accidental Apple Crisp


Sometimes a fuck up can turn out light years better than the original intent. I had in my mind I was going to make these DELICIOUS  apple cookies, that I was then going to smother in caramel. These cookies didn’t like my idea. I look at them halfway through and they have spread themselves out all along the bottom of the cookie sheet. Hmm….I am not going to let these cookies get out of becoming a delicious treat. What can I do? Boom, ideas and intuition kick in. Let them finish baking. Crumble them up. Toss and saute a fresh apple. Lovingly sprinkle the crumble over the top. My friend has been asking for a crumble and these cookies have manifested into one. It was perfect. So next time you feel discouraged because something didn’t turn out perfectly, dig deep. Let it be an opportunity to be creative. Let it be a chance to make something even better. Don’t give up just because something turns challenging. Turn apples into an apple crisp.

Accidental Apple Crisp

  • 1/8 cup homemade apple sauce (I put a bunch of apples in the crock pot with a tablespoon of maple and cinnamon)
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp sea salt
  • 1 1/4 cup almond meal
  • 1 tsp vanilla Continue reading “Accidental Apple Crisp”

Spaghetti & Meatball Pie


This is hands down one of my favorite things I’ve made. Naturally we have a weekly paleo pizza night, but growing up I was a spaghetti kind of girl. While my mom was pregnant with me rather than the sweet tooth she had with my sister, she was an all-out Italian craver with me. I full-on think pregnancy addiction and tastes stick with us. My sister still has to have something sweet and sugary each day. This was so homey, good and filling but I didn’t want to stop. Plus it was super easy to make, which is always a positive. Keep it simple and just make good tasting food that the whole family will like. I got a nasty instagram reply to this from my roommate. Hint: Look in the fridge Tab I always leave leftovers. Verdict was this recipe was a total keeper.

Spaghetti & Meatball Pie

Cinnamon Butternut Stuffed Cookies


I am declaring the next week Butternut Week on the blog. I know fall makes everyone pumpkin-crazed, but I make my own rules and seeing as I’m in charge of this blog I am replacing pumpkin with my new favorite squash: BUTTERNUT. I am kicking this week off with a butternut stuffed cookie. I’ll admit I was a tiny bit apprehensive about trying these after all the peanut butter and chocolate recipe. I think this was the best out of the group, hands down. Homey and absolutely Falltastic. Give it a shot, I think you’ll be surprised.

Cinnamon Butternut Stuffed Cookies

Reverse Reese Cookies


Last week I posted a Reese inspired gluten-free cookie (click the link to check it out and to blow your mind). I also decided to reverse rolls and create a reserve cookie. This is the by-product. A yummy, chocolate gooey centered, almond butter cookie. I think these were probably better than the chocolate one, although if chocolate is a sore spot for you, the reese is probably the way to go. Try them both, mix and match.

Reverse Reese Cookie