Mango Ice Cream

20140611_153328I am sorry! I have been slacking lately. Slacking with post frequency. Slacking on quality pictures. I have been changing and mixing things up. I thought June would be a great time to move, change my work schedule, begin weekly farmer’s markets, and start commuting by bike. I love change, but the flow and consistency has definitely been looking and some of my passions like blogging and photo taking (my BeYOUtiful project) have suffered. I am fully aware of this, and I will do better!

Last weekend I had so much fun at the Farmer’s Market. Being in an atmosphere of creative, green, local, passionate vendors is an environment I thrive and love being in. Plus getting so much positive feedback encourages me to work more on my cooking/baking passion. To build my business. That food bus is always at the back of my mind and definitely comes to mind when people ask if I have a storefront. Someday! But right now, each market and connection is so important to me, and it went by in a flash last Saturday. Talking to so many people, gives me so much inspiration for potential recipes, which I plan on sharing here with you too! Continue reading “Mango Ice Cream”

Gluten-Free Noodles

001My grandmother’s noodles growing up were always my favorite. Actually on my birthday, when given the meal option I would choose noodles. I had to give a go at noodles then. I actually think the flavor of the sauce was dynamite, you could smell the amazingness. The noodles I think were a good substitute. Oh yeah and really, really filling.


Balsamic Peach Ice Cream

004Here is peach number 2 recipe of the week. When I finished slices my peaches for the crumble, I was left staring at two more peaches. What to do? What to do? What to do? Well, since it is heating back up outside, let’s make ice cream! Amazing! Great combination and layering of flavors. Here we go, no preamble and banter today, we’re just going to launch straight into the recipe.

Balsamic Peach Ice Cream

Cauliflower Gratin

img_2902Here is yet another cauliflower recipe! There are so many you can do! This one was super tasty. If you don’t do dairy, just wait, I have all kinds of dairy-free recipes, but today we are going to explore this gratin.

Cauliflower Gratin

Red, White, & Blue Pie Stunner

001Sorry I am finally posting the beautiful pie I made for our family 4th. It was so stunning my uncle Eric requested his wife take pictures to make it for his birthday. And he hadn’t even tasted it yet! As I mentioned the other day, this side of my family has a couple Celiac’s and some gluten-intolerances. Therefore they love when I walk through the door with some kind of gluten-free yumminess. My aunt Marti couldn’t stop munching on the crust, she said it was like granola. The good news is the crust was a breeze to make.

Red, White, & Blue Pie Stunner


Coconut Almond Chocolate Ice Cream


A couple of weeks ago I was on an ice cream kick! My mom, ever the taste tester, voiced requests. This one I made especially for her. Nuts and chocolate, need I say more, what is better?!

Almond Chocolate Ice Cream

Brittany Garcia Ice Cream

005 I love love cherries and I come from a family of ice cream fanatics. If my dad is going to fall, it’s going to be with ice cream. It’s summer, that means refreshing cold treats are on the menu. Again my favorite food is cherries, so naturally I would select Cherry Garcia ice cream to make. This is one of mom’s favorite dishes, that’s she’s still raving about.