Pear Cranberry Mini Pies


Last pie of this, and I will keep it short and sweet because I am sure you are busy preparing and baking already.

I was intrigued by this combination. I was also wanting to give pears more of a chance. I tend to lean towards apples (slash I tend to completely forget that pears exist).

So it was finally pears turn to shine. And I was on a cranberry kick. Having them together seemed perfect!

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Cranberry Orange Galette


Last week I baked up and posted two delicious galettes (Check them out: Caramel Apple and Maple Ginger Pear), but this was THE original plan. This is the galette I was jazzed and excited to make. I couldn’t wait to get to it on my list. Cranberry day of baking was kind of my favorite day.

Besides cranberries and oranges are classic holiday combinations. One that I have never tried before. I was eager to say the least to see how it turned out.

Plus, as I mentioned, galettes have been lingering in my mind and I was ready to try them out as well!

I was super duper pleased with the outcome, and really want to try a regular pie with a nice streusel topping!

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Cranberry Salad

077Cranberry has been a Dreher family staple as long as I can remember. Notably my mom and grandma are found of the jelloey mix. I don’t often use cranberries, they are just so unbelievably tart, but I had to do a recipe for my mom and grandmother, so here we go no babble let’s make it. Note: I didn’t use the full 2 cups, I was a little short, so mine is a bit more orange than cranberry, letting it set overnight in the fridge really blended the flavors well. But it was tasty in my kefir!

Cranberry Salad