Spinach Lasagna

20180120_192852Lately I have totally been digging a casserole. They’re typically easy to assemble. I can assemble them ahead of time and bake when I’m ready. Or I can leave them for my husband to put in the oven a half hour before I get home (totally what I did with this one), so he doesn’t have to really do any work and can relax (he works in a kitchen all week, I like to cook at home).

I also like that I can pack a lot of different nutrients and foods into a casserole. And I can usually hide something I do not like into the casserole. In this instance I will confess I am not a spinach fan. Sorry, I know that I really shouldn’t say that, but it’s true. I can sometimes dig it sauteed or steamed but raw spinach or eating it on its own is not my thing. I have mad respect for spinach and its nutritional value. I WANT to like it. Just as I want to like avocado, but it makes me nauseous (literally eating avocado makes me queasy). Therefore, I will include spinach in a way that I find enjoyable.

Say in lasagna for instance. My dad has a really good lasagna with cabbage that I’ve made in the past. And I typically I make lasagna with zucchini strips, totally good. However, they only had puny zucchini at the store and it would take a tone to get the strips that I needed. I did have a ton of spinach, however.

Score, I decided to give it a go. It was totally delicious and very easy to make. Plus, since it’s just Zach and I, we usually have left-overs for another day. I for one love left-overs, because even though I love to cook, sometimes I don’t want to. So heating up left-overs of a delicious meal is completely my fav.

I hope that you all enjoy this recipe!

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Crispy Coconut Chicken with Cilantro Lime Jicama Rice

IMAG3936.jpgI love coconut.

I think I have started each post this week with a food that I love (or have loved previously, as with potatoes). But I really do love coconut, which I have found in my years of baking, is a hit or miss. Often people love it or they hate it.

But I do a pretty good job of using different coconut products with turning people off. Because I bake with a lot of different coconut products: coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut sugar, coconut cream, and shredded or flaked unsweetened coconut. Usually the flaked and shredded are the ones I get the most feedback for, although I do with coconut flour sometimes. But I’ll confess I like the nutritional value of coconut flour more than almond flour, but it is tricky to work with. It can get chalky or dense. I have found it lends itself well towards cakes.

This last year I have done a decent amount of coating chicken in different flavors. I’ve made chicken tenders. Parmesan chicken. And my personal favorite, buffalo chicken strips.

So why not make a coconut chicken?

What pairs better with coconut than lime?

I’ve been wanting to play with making some jicama rice for awhile now. Why not now? Why not add some lime zest and juice? Maybe a little cilantro…..

Granted I ate this one solo, my husband is a trooper in my recipe experiments (I can’t tell you all the ways I am blessed to have such a man by my side), but there are certain things he doesn’t like. Coconut is one, he’s not a big fan. So I can respect that. Buffalo for him, coconut for me.

This was AWESOME. I loved the flavor combination. The crispiness of the coconut. It was pretty easy to make. And it was filling.

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Better You in 2014

There's always room for improvement, a better youAs this year winds down and 2014 approaches I’ve been thinking of what I want for myself and my brand in the future. A future I can start working on today. I am going to BE better. Period that is my one and only goal. My challenge to myself and to my followers is simple: Be a Better You. Each day my intent is to do my best. So often we set outlandish goals. Crazy weight loss numbers. Deprivation. We fight change. We fight the goal, the dream. Then we get upset when we can’t reach them, or they don’t come fast enough. We don’t allow ourselves to change. We set out for perfection and crash and burn when we don’t reach our own perceptions of perfection. Perceptions of the perfect body, the perfect diet, the perfect weight, the perfect size. This year I want to focus on each day, each moment, each meal, each exercise making it the best I have. I want to be my healthiest self. Loving and focusing on the moment will allow me to become my happiest, healthiest, most fit, healing self.

What intentions do I want to set to be healthier? To myself I think:

Today I will eat healthy. I will nourish my body. Today I will eat more whole foods. Today I won’t eat anything processed. Today I won’t eat any gluten or sugar. Today I will eat good portions. Today I will cook tasty, delicious food. Today I will pause….breathe….relax….and enjoy the nourishing food in front of me. Today I will eat healing foods. I will eat more fermented foods. I’ll use more spices. I’ll cook with more bone broths. I’ll eat more local foods. I’ll eat more wild or grass-fed meat and Continue reading “Better You in 2014”

Liver Stuffed Rollups

I like to mix up the sweets with something outside of the box. I don’t typically eat the actual treats, although I love to make. Most of the time you’ll finding me eating the same things. And I keep it simple. Here’s some eggs and a piece of fruit. Done, breakfast is over. I do have a vivid imagination and creativity coming out of the ass, however. And cooking is a way for me to express myself to others. I really enjoy making good food for other people. Lately I have been looking at the quality of what I’ve been eating. Prompting myself with: how can I eat better today. How can I be healthier today? How can I stress less? Sleep enough? Exercise just right? And meditate to serenity today? How can I get more nutrients? This last one brings me to today’s post. I wholeheartedly believe in pasture-raised and grass fed meat/dairy. I also am a huge fan of the Weston A. Price foundation. Check out their website and you’ll learn about the benefits of liver and high-vitamin butter. Confession: I’ve been slacking on my liver. Now I am committed. I’ve pulled out my chicken liver pate, I’ve got some celery, boom a nice snack during the day. Next up what about an actual meal. When I’m having this Epiphany of quality, my brother-in-law just so happens to come into some tongue and liver to use at my disposal. And they’re getting another 1/2 calf, meaning I’ll have more coming my way. Also meaning there will be more coming your way. I know you can’t wait for the tongue recipe I have coming! Anyways, here is recipe number one of Let’s it Liver mindset.

Stuffed Liver Rolls