Spice It Up

I made this little video last year while I was living in Colorado, and I wrote the script in my head as I was hiking 13 miles up Pike’s Peak. I love to cook. For me it is art. It is self-expression. Tab says I need to teach her to cook. Cooking is more than memorizing ingredients and throwing things on a plate. It is a feeling. It is a creative experience. My food tastes good, because I love to cook. I enjoy the process. I like starting with a table full of ingredients, and then melting them together for a taste-bud masterpiece. It’s about flavor. Cooking is a way for me to express myself. You taste my personality. You taste the bliss I feel when I’m making the meal. The food is a part of me, of how I’m feeling. When I feel happy, my mouth is happy with what I make. If it’s rushed and lacking inspiration, the dish flops. When I’m buzzing with the creativity, the dish is a breathtaking work of art. Think of how you feel when you cook. Think of the spices and flavors you create. Express yourself and use your imagination.