Pick it Yourself: Perks of Foraging Your Food

I am a fan of local. Duh, I write it all the time. I sell at our farmer’s market. I am also a believer in doing as much for yourself as possible. Growing up we always had our own gardens. We hunted for our own food. Self-reliance was high on my father’s character-building. I am thankful for it.

IMG_20150816_151742A few years ago I found an article saying Seattle was going to build a forage market. So not just a place where you go buy beautifully staged rows of fruits and vegetables, but a scene of plants. Ready and bulging to be picked. You are in control. What’s ripe? Which ones are the best? It would provide not only more education on picking ou your own fruits and veggies, but it would provide a sense of pride. Pride in selecting and picking your food with your own two hands. RAD.

IMG_20150816_151353This year there is a new vendor in town. They are called the Pickery and I am in LOVE with them. I am in incandescent, stupid love. In love with their organic produce. In love with what they represent. In love with their idea. In love with their rows and rows laid out in front of me, bursting with produce. Waiting on me. Saying pick me, pick me. So many options.  Continue reading “Pick it Yourself: Perks of Foraging Your Food”

Why to Shop Local: Hit up the Farmer’s Market

11866371_10101052932806483_1362629712367652709_nBlissful. Food (and bag from Anne) from farmers and people I know. To each item there is a name. A face. A smile. A conversation and interaction. A memory. There is a connection. Things that matter to me in my striving to be more mindful.

This is most definitely the pic and words I posted after our farmer’s market on Saturday. I am about to give a whole page of why to shop at your local farmer’s market, but this is the summary of what comes straight from my heart.

20150725_081723 (1)I have always loved going to markets. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the Midwest. Because I’m used to drives in the country. To watching breathtaking sunsets over never-ending cornfields. Maybe it’s because my parents efforts to teach self-reliance, meant my brother and I grew up working for our cash. We spent our summers tending to the cornfields we planted, sitting at our little humble roadside stand, selling sweet corn to avid Hoosier lovers of the stuff. Continue reading “Why to Shop Local: Hit up the Farmer’s Market”

Fruit Pizza

11745314_402434519967178_145050345233957978_nI love when you walk into a party and your social media sparks interest before you even get there! I made this little beauty for the 4th of July for my Paulin family. An amazing customer at the market had nonchalantly suggested I make a fruit pizza if I had extra crust. She had no clue the wheels she had sparked to begin turning…..rapidly. What a magnificent idea!! Plus I had enough pizza crust for me to make this and two others for my boyfriend and I to create His and Hers pizzas, SUCCESS!

I had scored some beautiful beautiful blueberries at the Farmer’s Market. All I needed was to discover some beautiful strawberries for a pop of color and a complete patriotic ode. I was still in the height of my goat cheese filling kick so I decided to make a lovely ‘sauce’ layer with it. Just a quick round in the food processor, a little strawberry slicing, and a quick but pretty fruit layout and I had myself a gorgeous little fruit pizza. Snap a quick pic. Post to Insta. Upload to Facebook. Show-up with the excitement of fruit pizza palpable in the air. I saw this. I want this. Cut it. When are you cutting it? Let’s cut it……now. Nom, nom the sound of happy individuals chewing. A general (maybe dramatized) reaction to my appearance. Continue reading “Fruit Pizza”

Britt’s Brussels and Bacon

017Man do I love cabbage. I could eat it everyday. In recent years I have discovered their family member: Brussels sprouts. Oh how I enjoy some Brussels sprouts. Mini little bites of bliss. What pairs beautifully with Brussels? Well none other than bacon. I remember my dad doing this in cooking class, even though it seems so simple, it is so absolutely tasty. When I made it last night I thought, Boom, this is the kind of thing I need to be sharing. Loaded with deliciousness, this is the kind of food I really enjoy eating. I like baking and cooking for other people and the holiday, but I myself eat quite simply. This recipe is for EVERYONE. It tastes great and it takes no time to make. Give it a shot. See what you think. Serve it to your family.009

Britt’s Brussels with Bacon

Veggie Chips On-the-Go

024As some may know, I have recently switched my commute style. Rather than sporting my pink-striped car, I’ve been hitting the pedal of my 1970’s purple slick chick banana seat. This lovely little change means a change in how and what I can transport. I have had to consider for instance what kinds of foods I can take on my bike, especially in the heat. I don’t want something that needs cooled. I could take whole fruit, but most of the time I prefer vegetables, but I don’t usually eat raw veggies. My new addiction then has become Green chips. It started with your usual victims: kale. But I am not a kale girl. Cabbage on the other hand is another story. Cabbage slut I am.  I could eat it all day everyday. So I discovered the cabbage chip (click the link for the original). But then I decided maybe I should add in some different greens. Mix in some other vegetables. I like variety. Let’s add some vegetables. Now I have a constant supply of veggie chips on hand when I’m out on my bike or to munch on at home. I can’t get enough of them. So tasty. I highly encourage you to play around with flavor profiles too. Add and subtract different vegetables at will.

Veggie Chips