Bliss-on-the-Go: Go Green Chips


Sometimes you’ve got places to be, people to see. Sometimes you just want a little snack, not a whole meal. For meal post yoga I just want a little munch before I head off to hike. Boom solution: Go Green Chips plus some hard- boiled eggs and I am ready to adventure/explore/connect/soul-search/walk-it-out/jam/be mindful/be in bliss. Plus you can tailor your green mix to whatever you like. I find combining them together is easier for me. For instance spinach and I are aren’t really good friends, but when I put it in the mix with others greens that I enjoy, then we get along splendidly. Get creative, maybe throw in a little color, as you can see I’ve taken creative freedom to add some red cabbage to this batch!

Go Green Chips

Celebration Strawberry Rhubarb Muffins

002 - Copy (2)

My mother discovered the Strawberry Banana Muffins I made for Tab and of course I had to make her a batch a muffin. Plus they are celebration muffins because my brother’s wife had their twins. So Happy You’re a New Grandma (Again) muffins for you Mom! She despises banana’s however, so once again I tweaked the original to a flavor profile which would work for my mom- an avid rhubarb lover. Simple solution. Let’s take that first recipe and swap out the banana for rhubarb. While we’re at it, let’s make these Balsamic Strawberry too!

Balsamic Strawberry Rhubarb Muffins

The Best Compromise: Browkie Bars

032 - Copy

Hey brownies are good. I want brownies. Hey cookies are great. I want cookies. It’s a hard choice isn’t it? Cookies or brownies? Why choose? Let’s combine them and make the best of both worlds. A prodigal dessert child. Why make it in a skillet? Because I find it aesthetically pleasing, feel free to bake yours in whatever your heart desires.

What You’ll Need to Make


Blissful Baco (The Bacon Taco)


One of my dearest friends told me she does not like bacon. How is this even possible!! I on the other hand am a big bacon lover. I think I could make a whole month (actually more than a month) of just bacon blogs. Today let’s start with a dinner staple-the taco. It seems like every time my friends and I decide to get together, tacos of some sort make the menu. In honor of this, I today’s recipe is for future celebrations. My wonderful mother of course was willing to lay her taste buds on the line and test this beauty. ‘Oh, wow Britt, that is awesome!’ This is the reaction I got and I think it’s enough said on why you should try this!

Brittany’s Bacon Taco

Tomato Basil Breakfast Muffins

024 - Copy

I’ve been a muffin making machine lately. Notice the recipe stays the same, I just swap the flavors? You can do the same thing. Like I say the only limitations to what you can create are your own blockages and disbelief in your own imagination. Go big, dream big, create big flavors, and make kick ass food. A little faith in baking goes a long way. Today we are doing one of my favorite things, which is mixing savory and sweet together. Sure it’s a muffin, but they smelled like pizza crust and had my mouth salivating. They were beautiful and created the ‘hmm’ reaction. A little confusion when eating is great, that is what curiosity in the kitchen generates.  My friend Tab is a tomato fiend. She orders extra, extra tomatoes on everything when we go anywhere. I made these little joys for her.

Cherry Tomato Basil Muffins

Sunbutter Ice Cream Sandwiches (Greatness)

057I baked Tab cookies, but they were boring. I recalled that Tab (like my father) enjoys ice cream sandwiches. Thus the throwing of items into a saucepan to create an ice cream, which I manifested into tasty yumminess. Together it was a mouth-watering, I mean a total home-run. And a summertime pleaser with the rising temperatures, screw warm fresh cookies, give me a cool, refreshing treat! How to Make this Radical Combo:


Strawberry Banana Muffins

055“Brit make me some blueberry muffins.’ This simple request from my dear friend Tabitha has birthed several more muffin recipes. Blueberry was easy. Let’s have a little fun. Let’s mix up the fruit. Let’s throw in some spices and see what we can come up with. Actually let’s go with what you have in the kitchen. On the day I wanted to surprise her with some new muffins, I was blueberryless, but not down. What a great opportunity to be creative. Let’s use what I have. I found a ton of strawberries and some older bananas. Perfect, those two are a classic combination. She is a big time crossfitter, so this could be right up her alley!

Strawberry Banana Muffins