Vlog: Coconut Ghee

I am going to be cooking with a lot more coconut ghee coming up so I thought this weeks vlog would then feature Coconut Ghee. What the hell am I talking about. Part of my former life included a lot of research. Basically what the government has taught us is bull****. This ridiculous low-fat trend started in the 70’s and we have gotten fatter and more unhealthy. Your body needs fat, period. Ever heard of fat-soluble vitamins? Oh you know vitamin D, vitamin A, just to name some of the heavy hitters. We need them. Our kids need, especially our growing, developing children. Of course we need to look at the sources of fat we get. The crap vegetables oils they tell us our heart healthy, more BS. They’re completely inflammatory. Coconut oil, raw grass-fed butter, cod liver oil, grass-fed tallow, and a first pressed olive oil (I’ll do more on this another week) are my choices of fats to cook with. Of course you can get good fats from things like egg yolks and avocado as well.

I adore coconut. It is my favorite scent. I even put it on my skin and in my hair. It is a miraculous thing, especially for your health. Coconut oil contain medium chains (most other fats are longer chains). Notable in coconut oil is it’s lauric acid, which the most predominant source of lauric acid comes from breast milk. It’s great for the brain, it’s great for immunity. It is a must. Plus we add the ghee to it. Ghee is a clarified butter. Get it from grass-fed cows and it can contain the fat-soluble vitamins, as well as Weston Price’s Activator X (vitamin K2). What is even better is the smoke point. This stuff holds up at high temperatures. Whereas oils (olive included) lose nutrition with heat. Coconut ghee can stand the heat. Plus this is a self-life dream. Keep it on the counter. It’s mostly saturated-fat so it is a semi-solid at room temperature. Ghee alone they say can last out on the counter for over a year and not use it’s freshness or flavor. Oh yeah and this stuff tastes amazing. Best eggs of my life and two years ago I ate eggs twice a day for at least 4 months. Change the oil and it was a whole other ball game!

Coconut ghee, love it! Thanks Dad for the video.


Balsamic Peach Ice Cream

004Here is peach number 2 recipe of the week. When I finished slices my peaches for the crumble, I was left staring at two more peaches. What to do? What to do? What to do? Well, since it is heating back up outside, let’s make ice cream! Amazing! Great combination and layering of flavors. Here we go, no preamble and banter today, we’re just going to launch straight into the recipe.

Balsamic Peach Ice Cream

Cauliflower Gratin

img_2902Here is yet another cauliflower recipe! There are so many you can do! This one was super tasty. If you don’t do dairy, just wait, I have all kinds of dairy-free recipes, but today we are going to explore this gratin.

Cauliflower Gratin