Gluten-Free Plantain Pizza Crust


My list of favorite foods goes something like: cherries (all-time favorite), pizza, cabbage, ice cream. Something like that. Subject to change. Regardless, you will notice the pizza. Pizza also appears in my business name and this website: Polifroni Pies and PIZZAS. I like to make pizza crusts for the market, because even though you’ve change up your eating and diet or have eating restrictions, doesn’t mean you can never eat pizza.

I have made loads of different crusts. I’ve used almond flour. I’ve used cassava. I’ve used arrowroot. I’ve used tapioca flour. And I’ve also used bunches of vegetable/root alternative. You can click through my recipe inventory and check some of them out. It started with cauliflower a decade ago. But I’ve also used: broccoli, rutabaga, sweet potato, butternut squash, and zucchini. One of my all-time favorites was plantains.

I did a lot of home-cooking last week for Zach and I. I really wanted to revisit the plantain crust. Oh man was it good. Hands down my favorite. Everyone thinks it is going to be sweet. Plantains are not bananas. They don’t peel like bananas. They are starchier, not sweet like a banana. I made this crust kind of thick (which I like), however, next time I think this would make two perfect 9 inch pizzas. I used a large tart pan I have with a removable bottom, but a pizza pan or spring pan would be good as well (maybe put it in a cast iron and make a deep dish).

If you want a great pizza, this is it! I like pork with plantains, so I put sausage. You could put all kinds of flavors, though. Pepperoni. Chicken. Bacon. Spinach. Mushrooms. With Cheese. Without cheese. Whatever your topping preference. Go crazy.

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Top 30 of My All-Time Favorite Recipes

Today I have the final 9 recipes, of my all-time favorites. If you missed the first 20 click->this link<- and ->this link<- right here. I highly recommend it, there are some really good ones on there. Make sure to read through this to the end. At the bottom I have included my newest recipes, surely to be a favorite as well. At least my husband tells me every time he eats it that it is ‘so good’.

almond-butter-caramel-brownie-pieAlmond Butter Caramel Brownie Pie

This is one of my favorite pictures to use ever! Pretty proud of myself, it looks like a perfect slice. There is a great amount of crust to filling. And the caramel drips perfectly down the sides. Plus taste, as I’ve already expressed this week, I am a fan of all things chocolate and peanut butter (now almond or cashew butter or sunbutter). Plus caramel! Come on.

breakfast-pizzaBreakfast Pizza

Clearly I love pizza. It is part of my brand name and website name. Not to mention my goal of a commercial kitchen to make topped gluten-free pizzas to sell (maybe at a Whole Foods, I never shared that before, but it’s what up, BIG goal of mine). This particular pizza is in my top because 1. I love breakfast (we eat breakfast for dinner frequently here at the Polifroni home) 2. It was so much easier to make than the vegetable crusts. That is the truth. Vegetable ones usually require peeling and cubing and boiling and mashing or shredding. And you run the risk of moisture, so the crust doesn’t crisp up. But cooking an egg in a cast iron and topping it accordingly, which makes life easier, without sacrificing taste.

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