My Favorite Fall Recipes

12074808_10101101228386753_2932880256109650543_nIt’s Fall in case you didn’t know. I love fall, I love October. This time of year the leaves are in a perfect transition. The park had my head spinning trying to snap shots of the change right before my eyes. The drive up to Parke Country for the Covered Bridge had my jaw dropping. The breathtaking sunsets over the fields. It’s that time of year when I think of Jason Aldean’s Flyover States song. I feel content to be a simple little Hoosier, Midwestern girl. It’s a time for family. For my friends. For campfires at my parents. For Halloween planning. For festivals. For weddings. For baking! I am loving all  the baking I’ve been doing at work lately. The smell of caramel apple pie baking is mesmerizing. Here are my favorite Fall Recipes I have ever posted. And I will warn you I am slightly obsessed with butternut and there are only a few pumpkin. I hope you find something you enjoy! Last Fall pic is a shot from the Covered Bridge Festival this week.


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Butternut Spaghetti Squash

12039547_424181277792502_4794997061436684234_nSorry, sorry for the lack of post! Have you been outside lately? It is GORGEOUS! I’ve been busy baking away, logging miles on my bike and walking as much as possible.

I have been on a butternut kick as well. I have realized though I am not going to convince everyone to jump from the pumpkin mania, however, I have plenty of butternut recipes in my archives for anyone willing to go out of a limb and expand on their comfort zones.

Last week at the market I stared at a spaghetti squash for at least an hour at the L & A Farms booth across from me. However, I found myself in a predicament. It was a bit (lot) windy. My tent tried to join Charlotte’s next to me. After that I got put in a time-out for not bringing tie-downs. I am not kidding. They attached bungee cords to my tent and I had to stay seated in my chair to keep it from flying away. Once I was grounded, I naturally wanted to flee and be free. I’m a restless Sagittarius, what can I say?!?! So I had to stare at the squash because I couldn’t go it. I used my Jedi mind powers and manifestation prowess to keep anyone else from buying it. Finally my patience ran out and I had to have my neighbor Becky had to come sit in my chair so I could shop. See why I love a farmers market shopping experience? There is always a story and today’s post took some work.  Continue reading “Butternut Spaghetti Squash”