Gluten-Free Granola Yogurt Tarts

IMAG3899I have been waiting to make these!

Actually that is not completely 100. I have been waiting to make these to post! I made some last summer, with goat cheese fillings, but I never posted it.

I had some leftover granola bars from the market, so I thought…….hmm…..I could spare some of these to finally make some tarts. Because pies and tarts are kind of my things.

This is something that gets me excited, not just because it is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but it’s easy to make and customize.

I’ve got 6 mini tart pans, so I can make up a couple and freeze them until I am ready.

From there I have loads of options. Here I have used yogurt. Many can be anti-dairy, but I have been reading Chris Kressner and I’ve done a lot of research through the Weston A. Price organization, so I think if you can tolerate it, moderation isn’t bad. Plus fermented foods are great for your gut. Look at the source. I also like kefir, but if I was using kefir, I’d probably add some honey, it can have a strong flavor. Plus the last time I got some, I grabbed goat kefir and it for sure had a strong flavor and smell. So dress it up.

You could also use goat cheese. Use a dairy-free yogurt if it’s a concern.

Maybe blend the fruits into the yogurt to add some color, rather than just layering them on the top, as I have. I like textures, so I wanted the fruits cut rather than pureed to add some depth in texture. Besides eating and chewing makes the body do more work than simply swallowing food, and I think it’s more filling.

You can also customize this easily, by the fruits. Use the ones that you like. Make a tropical one with mango, pineapple, kiwi, and coconut flakes maybe. Or a caramel apple. Or a blackberry peach. Or a mixed berry. Last fall, I made a pumpkin one. Maybe you want to mix a tablespoon of almond butter in yours and layer banana slices on top, with some shaved dark chocolate.

Play around with options. Or keep it simple. I am just giving you a base.

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Gingerbread Granola

Yesterday I mentioned that sometimes the things I make flop. For instance, I had cut out these beautiful little gingerwomen. So cute. The dough tasted amazing (and I am not a ginger cookie kind-of-girl). I was so excited to put them in the oven. Fast forward to my disappointment when I took them out of the oven. They were just a sheet of ginger cookie. One cookie. Gone were the perfect little ginger people. I will say that my initial reaction was not gracious. This was my second batch of cookies in a row to do this. I needed a moment to recollect myself.

And in reality, this sheet of cookie was exactly what I needed. My initial goal leading up to this was to make the gingerbread cookies, then crumble them up and make granola. I like to make granola for the markets and I had been thinking that a gingerbread would be seasonal. So maybe I was not meant to have the cliche ginger people? I got what I needed. It still tasted delicious. The granola is awesome. And I did not feel bad crumbling up the large cookie, like I would have felt crumbly up beautiful little cutouts.

I had envisioned this granola with yogurt as well, like a nice little breakfast, perfect with some butter coffee. Plus I had an apple in the fridge, bake that baby and put it all together. This turned out to be a lovely little dessert for my husband the way I made it. Warm, yummy food that makes you want to settle in with slippers and your man and your dog on a cold, snowy day.

So I guess the moral of today’s story is how to deal when things don’t go as planned. That maybe God has a better plan than the one you had intended. Roll with it. Don’t let it get you done, revision and make something better.

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Vegan Granola Apple Pie

11209572_10101037557798123_6955451427578429151_nYesterday I had a nice little confession of my control issues and fierce independence. Letting others help me, has not been a strong suit of mine in recent years. I do things myself. It’s what I’m used to. So when someone offers to help, I usually feel kind of bad (just like when my boyfriend wants to buy me things), so I typically opt for doing it myself. A few weeks ago several people offered to help me carry things from my car to my booth at the market. I smiled and rejected, saying I came early so I could carry it myself. My boy Jason made fun of me for not taking the help. But this is why I love people like this in my life. I NEEDED  to hear it. I needed to be prodded. Why do I do this? Put down your armor. Open up. Let others in. Let them help you. It’s so odd, because I will do anything for others, but block it out when someone wants to reciprocate. Why do I have that difficulty feeling like I am deserving of help and gifts? OPEN. STAY OPEN.

Sometimes I just need to JUMP (not just step) out of my self-inflicted comfort zones. Lately I have also been working on the word COLLABORATION. Co-creating with some rad, talented, ober creative souls to make some beautiful art and food. It began when I wanted some new art for my apartment. My boyfriend and I went out searching for coffee, but stumbled upon a huge canvas. As I stood in front of it, I felt this magnetic pull. PAINT ME, it whispered to me. Now, note as my boyfriend is asking me if I want it, the voice is saying yes, but I was shaking my head no. Still hesitant to allow someone to take care of/do things for me. I knew I had to get a hold of my friend Julie to help me create a beautiful piece. Initially we both were full of a kind of nervous energy about the collaboration. It was out of both of our comfort zones. I am known for sketching. I do black and white, realistic shit. Portraits like this below are my specialty and comfort zone.  Continue reading “Vegan Granola Apple Pie”