Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Roasted Bell Peppers

img_20161208_194007Often time’s dinner at our house comes from me scanning the fridge and grabbing things at random. Pulling them out and confidently deciding that it is going to be delicious. A lot of cooking and baking is confidence. I’ve worked in bakeries making all kinds of delicious pies and cakes and treats, even though I am gluten-free and never tried any of them. Baking to me is fun. And intuition. I bake on instinct. I have no technical training but I do have a load of love, creativity, and inner guidance. I  KNOW when something tastes good. I won’t lie that I also don’t measure usually, especially when baking for myself. I go on instinct. And when I am vibing and feeling it in the kitchen, my food is at its best. Confidence. If you don’t believe in what you are doing or making, why should anyone else? Don’t wait on validation or for someone else to tell you, you’re awesome. Believe in yourself (and others) first. Only you know you’re full vision. No one else, they can support you, but the drive for your own vision has to come from you, and you alone.

So one night Zach is working and I want him to come home to a delicious meal. The fridge is looking slightly bare (really bare), especially on vegetable side options. One thing I can usually bank on, however, is that I can find a sweet potato. We always have some on hand. Sure enough, that is what I found. Sweet potatoes and some bell peppers. I typically dice up the sweet potatoes and sauté them in a pan. Zach makes fun of me, that all my dinners are goulashes. I opted for mashing the sweet potatoes to break my norm. Roast the peppers, get some nice flavors going. Serve it with some bacon wrapped pork loin. Tasty and filling!

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