Peppered Bacon Salt

011My new, favorite way to season? That my friends is with an unbelievably easy to make: bacon salt. Bacon is salty, why not grind it up and add just a hint of bacon to everything? Plus as I said it’s EASY. And I got a peppered bacon. Knock out two spices in one. It’s all you need. Try it!

Bacon Salt

Lavender Hot Chocolate

007Round #3 of Lavender Week! Oh Indiana I love your unpredictable nature. Life is change and your relationship with uncertainty. We have to be able to adapt. Life is not stagnant no matter how much we try to be safe inside our little comfort zones, that’s not how it is. We are changing. Our cells are constantly changing. The body you have now will not be the same in 10 years, you can fight it, but this is the truth. Nature changes all the time. Life is change. So thank you Indiana for pushing me to believe my talk. Snow, again? Okay I can deal. I will show you my adaptability! Today I will stay inside and rock some delicious cold weather recipes. Like today. Baby it’s cold outside and I am warming myself with a bit of lavender hot chocolate. Change, uncertainty, I love you. Smells great. Tastes even better.  Perfection today.

Lavender Hot Chocolate

Butternut & Broccoli

unnamedMan I seem to have a thing for foods that begin with B lately….Brussels sprouts, Butternut, Bacon, Beef. Today I have added broccoli. I think I could do at least an entire months worth of recipes starring foods starting with B. Actually I could do a whole month (maybe even 1/2 a year) of bacon recipes. This is how I really like to eat. Whole foods, seasoned perfectly, paired with a yummy fat and flavor. For fun this day, I also ate my meal with chopsticks. A little added awareness, a little more time for mindfulness as I focused to grab hold delicious treasures.

Broccoli and Butternut

5 Bone Broth Recipes

Photo by: Grass-Fed Girl

Okay you have these beautiful little broth cubes. What do you make? Today I took a little inspiration from the blogs who shared a plethora of Paleo cookies, and found 5 broth recipes which look and taste slammin’? After all in the blogging community that’s what we’re about, sharing. We are exactly what I just said-a community. A like-minded group searching. Searching for tasty food. Searching to be healthier. These recipes are good. And seeing as it is once again snowing and the temperatures are dropping here in Indiana, a nice stew or soup warms my heart. Enjoy these!

Paleo Butternut Squash Soup

Is it really SO surprising that I list a butternut recipe first? If you haven’t noticed I kind of have a thing for it. The last week alone I have included two recipes with it. This recipe has GREAT photos, especially the play-by-play ones of preparing the squash. It takes the time to simplify the process. Not to mention their cute play on the title It’s Thyme For Butternut Squash Soup is adorable and sucks me in.  Yum, yum, yum.

Roasted Cauliflower & Bacon

This recipe reminds me of an upgraded Loaded Potato soup, but so much better. Growing up I was a potato girl. I can appreciate then a recipe like this which transforms a potato recipe. Plus the ingredients included (besides the beautiful bone broth) are bomb. Ghee, vegetables, bacon. Hmm….it makes my mouth water just thinking of this! Continue reading “5 Bone Broth Recipes”

Butternut, Brussels, Beef, Bacon

024Another Butternut recipe. Another Brussels sprout recipe. Two of my favorites coming together in a wam, bam, delicious meal. The other morning for breakfast I had a hankering for Brussels sprouts. But I didn’t want my usual eggs. I want  meat, I wanted steak. So I tossed them in a pan. But then I opened the fridge and the butternut called out to me, ‘what about me? Use me.” And so I cubed a few slices of butternut and tossed it in the skillet. Crossed my fingers and hoped it all meshed well together. The result? I liked it. There was that savory, sweet combo I enjoy. Plus a combination of flavors, texture, and color.

Butternut, Brussels, Beef, Bacon

Britt’s Brussels and Bacon

017Man do I love cabbage. I could eat it everyday. In recent years I have discovered their family member: Brussels sprouts. Oh how I enjoy some Brussels sprouts. Mini little bites of bliss. What pairs beautifully with Brussels? Well none other than bacon. I remember my dad doing this in cooking class, even though it seems so simple, it is so absolutely tasty. When I made it last night I thought, Boom, this is the kind of thing I need to be sharing. Loaded with deliciousness, this is the kind of food I really enjoy eating. I like baking and cooking for other people and the holiday, but I myself eat quite simply. This recipe is for EVERYONE. It tastes great and it takes no time to make. Give it a shot. See what you think. Serve it to your family.009

Britt’s Brussels with Bacon

No Bake Cookies

016Finally here are the no bakes! Today we had a cookie exchange with the Dreher women. So much fun. What a great way to get together the family matriarchs for the holidays. Depending on the number of attendees, bake enough for 3 cookies per person. In the end you get a huge assortment of cookies. Make it more fun by requiring each member to bring wine or voting for the best/worst cookies. Plus the men and kids will love you when you return with a plate full of cookies. I of course opted for gluten-free, Paleo cookies. My family growing up were no bakes fiends. Verdict is that this is a good recipe. I also made this for my cousin’s Crossfit boyfriend for Christmas and he told her she HAD to get the recipe or have these make them for him. In the midst of sugar, gluten-filled cookies, these no bakes still shine.

—->>>>Chocolate Chunk Salted Caramel No Bakes <<<<—– Click this link.

Note: I added walnuts and that made them uber good! Continue reading “No Bake Cookies”

Paleo Cookie Sampler


This radical site Paleo Grubs used one of my cookies on their site. How freaking cool!?! Holidays are about sharing, so I was pumped to have my recipe shared with a broader group of people. But I was also enthused to discover other bloggers and recipes. I decided then to bake some of the featured cookies, plus revisit my Butternut recipe. Tis the season for cookies. I personally have two cookie exchanges the next week, so I have some major baking in my future, not to mention the gluten-free goodies I take for Christmas Eve with the Paulin’s (my family with a Celiac history) and Christmas day with the Dreher’s. Check back soon because No-Bakes are a family favorite, which is why they didn’t make it today, they got gobbled up before I could photograph them. Sorry, but the good news is I’m making them for my cookie exchange and will take pics this time! So come to Bliss Delish for a verdict on the No- Bakes! I am so grateful to be a part of this blogging, sharing, community.

001Bacon Trail Mix Cookies Continue reading “Paleo Cookie Sampler”

Paleofied Grandma’s Chili

028Winter is quickly approaching. The cloudy snow-filled clouds are getting near. It is time to make some warm and cozy grub. Growing up, my grandmother’s chili was where it is out. If it’s cold outside you can guarantee I want a heart-warming bowl of soup (just click the link for my Butternut Soup). To me grandmother’s chili wasn’t just about the bomb flavors, but the memories that come with me. That’s what food is. It is soulful. It is memories. It is our history. Part of our story. Part of the traditional. Little bits of the past that we can cherish and pass on. But part of that food art is dying. We have to teach our kids our traditions. Teach them the comfort. Teach them the home-cooked goodness. Teach them the love for cooking and self-sufficiency. We have to forge food connections. Food brings us together. At the holidays I guess this seems more nostalgic than normal to me. Celebrating 5 years since my grandpa’s passing, any moment I can have with my family means the world to me. My friends and family are my top priority. They matter. They bring meaning to my life. They make it richer.

In preparing this dish it brings all this to life. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, cooking is more than following a recipe. It is a feeling. It is passion. It is love. It is a way of self-expression. It connects people. It brings our past into the present. So in making this dish I have taken what I remember of my grandmother’s chili and brought it up to date. Do the same. Take your family’s secret recipe and give it life.

Paleofied Grandma’s Chili

Gluten-Free Noodles

001My grandmother’s noodles growing up were always my favorite. Actually on my birthday, when given the meal option I would choose noodles. I had to give a go at noodles then. I actually think the flavor of the sauce was dynamite, you could smell the amazingness. The noodles I think were a good substitute. Oh yeah and really, really filling.