Paleo Cookie Sampler


This radical site Paleo Grubs used one of my cookies on their site. How freaking cool!?! Holidays are about sharing, so I was pumped to have my recipe shared with a broader group of people. But I was also enthused to discover other bloggers and recipes. I decided then to bake some of the featured cookies, plus revisit my Butternut recipe. Tis the season for cookies. I personally have two cookie exchanges the next week, so I have some major baking in my future, not to mention the gluten-free goodies I take for Christmas Eve with the Paulin’s (my family with a Celiac history) and Christmas day with the Dreher’s. Check back soon because No-Bakes are a family favorite, which is why they didn’t make it today, they got gobbled up before I could photograph them. Sorry, but the good news is I’m making them for my cookie exchange and will take pics this time! So come to Bliss Delish for a verdict on the No- Bakes! I am so grateful to be a part of this blogging, sharing, community.

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Paleofied Grandma’s Chili

028Winter is quickly approaching. The cloudy snow-filled clouds are getting near. It is time to make some warm and cozy grub. Growing up, my grandmother’s chili was where it is out. If it’s cold outside you can guarantee I want a heart-warming bowl of soup (just click the link for my Butternut Soup). To me grandmother’s chili wasn’t just about the bomb flavors, but the memories that come with me. That’s what food is. It is soulful. It is memories. It is our history. Part of our story. Part of the traditional. Little bits of the past that we can cherish and pass on. But part of that food art is dying. We have to teach our kids our traditions. Teach them the comfort. Teach them the home-cooked goodness. Teach them the love for cooking and self-sufficiency. We have to forge food connections. Food brings us together. At the holidays I guess this seems more nostalgic than normal to me. Celebrating 5 years since my grandpa’s passing, any moment I can have with my family means the world to me. My friends and family are my top priority. They matter. They bring meaning to my life. They make it richer.

In preparing this dish it brings all this to life. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, cooking is more than following a recipe. It is a feeling. It is passion. It is love. It is a way of self-expression. It connects people. It brings our past into the present. So in making this dish I have taken what I remember of my grandmother’s chili and brought it up to date. Do the same. Take your family’s secret recipe and give it life.

Paleofied Grandma’s Chili

Gluten-Free Noodles

001My grandmother’s noodles growing up were always my favorite. Actually on my birthday, when given the meal option I would choose noodles. I had to give a go at noodles then. I actually think the flavor of the sauce was dynamite, you could smell the amazingness. The noodles I think were a good substitute. Oh yeah and really, really filling.


Cranberry Salad

077Cranberry has been a Dreher family staple as long as I can remember. Notably my mom and grandma are found of the jelloey mix. I don’t often use cranberries, they are just so unbelievably tart, but I had to do a recipe for my mom and grandmother, so here we go no babble let’s make it. Note: I didn’t use the full 2 cups, I was a little short, so mine is a bit more orange than cranberry, letting it set overnight in the fridge really blended the flavors well. But it was tasty in my kefir!

Cranberry Salad

Butternut Cassserole

030I always remembered the marshmallow covered dish at Thanksgivings, but never ever did I go for the sweet potato casserole. I am just not a sweet potato girl. I’ve tried to be friends, I’ve given them every chance, but sometimes you can’t please them all. So I have updated the sweet potato with something I actually enjoy: butternut squash. Here is what I have created. I will say I find marshmallow to be a pain in the ass, and so I have nixed because I have never enjoyed marshmallow. Sorry marshmallow I am replacing you with just pecans. Get over it.

Butternut Casserole

TBT: Bacon-Wrapped Turkey

Today I am going to do a throw back Thursday to last years bacon-wrapped turkey. Growing up, Thanksgiving meant walking across the holler to my grandma and grandpa Dreher’s house (although I have terrific memories of some trips to southern Indiana to spend the holiday with my grandma Linda’s family). Last year was the first time we held Thanksgiving ourselves. It was a fun task for my sister and I to take on together. It was also our first time cooking a whole turkey. Even though it presented its challenges (like our thermometer broke), I think we made the best turkey I have every had. The bacon locked in flavor and it made it juicy and falling off the bone. It was absolute perfection.

Bacon-Wrapped Turkey

Sage Butternut Soup

SAMSUNGThis past weekend was chilly, like October going on December brisk winds, for my last weekend of the outdoor market. The past month I have been bringing my gluten-free, paleo friendly baked goodness to the local Terre Haute Farmer’s Market (a place where I have considered vendors close to rockstars and celebrities in my book- can you seriously not tell that I like to cook from that statement?). This weekend I was rocking it out in my lace dress, holding onto my tent before a gust of wind blew it away-which it actually did one time. The market manager Majel, barefoot Jason (yes he is my idol, he practices Earthing so he doesn’t wear shoes ever, he reads Walden once a year, he’s married to Kombucha Kate, and he shared the secrets to keeping your feet from freezing in the winter), and the maple crew helped me rig up a dumbbell contraption. With teeth chattering and a smile, I admit between customers I dreamed of warm soup. It was a perfect day for a bowl of soup. So as the market progressed, so too did my conceptualization of this dish. I even test-ran my ideas on people coming into the booth. The consensus was that a butternut bisque or soup would be magical on a day like Saturday. A trip around the market, stocked me up on butternut, I went home and put some loving, warming tenderness into the preparation of this little stew. Oh it was so good, exactly what I wanted. A cozy, heart-warming dish, rich in flavor and textures. Just writing this makes me crave another bowl. Next windy, winter like day, this will be in my belly.

Sage Butternut Soup