I made this beauty of a cake for Thanksgiving. I’ve been branching out of my comfort zone lately too, making things I’ve never made before. I made toffee for the first time EVER a month ago. I am hooked, it is delicious and easy to make. I have been using it for all kinds of things. Firstly, with some truffles (also a first for me). Secondly, with some cookies. And on the naked banana cake I posted yesterday. I’ve also been branching into truffles (as mentioned above and I’ll have an easy recipe to post on Thursday). And I have been really, really working on my macaron abilities (they are so tricky, there are so many areas where you can over/under mix).

I will note that I have no reference of honeycomb to compare this too. But I have been watching a bit (lot) of the British Baking Show and they use honeycomb often. So I have been a little bit eager to try and make some. What is this honeycomb they talk about?

I also have to tell on myself about something else. I do not have a candy thermometer. And I can be a terrible about measuring. I do a lot of baking (and pretty much all cooking) by feeling- which makes posting hard sometimes because I don’t know exactly how much I put in something. I also don’t have an timers. Sorry, it makes it kind of hard to post, but I like it old school. So I can tell you what temperature it’s supposed to go to (because I read it), but I personally just kind of felt my way through this and looked at the color.

I found a traditional honeycomb recipe and tweaked the sugars. And to me it looked like honeycomb and my husband liked it.

Stepping out of my comfort zone never tasted so good!

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AB & Honey Banana Bagels

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At my first market in Urbana, I made some bagels. I was super geeked and excited about them. And I really wanted to try some. But I sold them all, which is a good thing. Plus my friend Kelly sent me a picture the next day of her amazing breakfast with bagels. And encouraging me that she would take bagels form me anytime. This past weekend I made two more varieties and had some leftovers, not really my ideal outcome, but good because I finally got to try some!

And I had my mind set on trying two things: a breakfast sandwich with eggs and bacon (which was freaking delicious) AND a toasted bagel with almond butter, bananas and a drizzle of honey. A light snow coating on Sunday afternoon and a great service on, made the afternoon perfect for the banana bagel treat.

It was so easy to toast them up, spread on the almond butter so it got kind of melty, layer bananas and drizzle a touch of honey.

These Bagels are easy to make too, although next time I would just make them bigger (mostly to save my fingers in the toaster).

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Apple Pie Cookies


I did this recipe originally for a cooking class. What I liked most was that it used coconut flour. In my head I would love to use coconut flour more than almond flour, but it is tricky devil to work with. It can get quite dense, a bit chalky. Certain things it rocks at, like frying fish or chicken. A slight dusting goes a long way. But when it comes to baking I find it less friendly. Although I confess it is better than almond flour in cakes and cupcakes. I think the apple and the spices help it in this recipe. Tasty! Warmed up curled around a fireplace, this would be a great little Fall treat. I plan on posting a Snickerdoodle Apple Cobbler Friday, so I thought: what better to prepare or segue into that than with an apple cookie?!?!

Apple Pie Cookies

Accidental Apple Crisp


Sometimes a fuck up can turn out light years better than the original intent. I had in my mind I was going to make these DELICIOUSĀ  apple cookies, that I was then going to smother in caramel. These cookies didn’t like my idea. I look at them halfway through and they have spread themselves out all along the bottom of the cookie sheet. Hmm….I am not going to let these cookies get out of becoming a delicious treat. What can I do? Boom, ideas and intuition kick in. Let them finish baking. Crumble them up. Toss and saute a fresh apple. Lovingly sprinkle the crumble over the top. My friend has been asking for a crumble and these cookies have manifested into one. It was perfect. So next time you feel discouraged because something didn’t turn out perfectly, dig deep. Let it be an opportunity to be creative. Let it be a chance to make something even better. Don’t give up just because something turns challenging. Turn apples into an apple crisp.

Accidental Apple Crisp

  • 1/8 cup homemade apple sauce (I put a bunch of apples in the crock pot with a tablespoon of maple and cinnamon)
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp sea salt
  • 1 1/4 cup almond meal
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Nutty for No Bakes


If someone mentions that something sounds good, or that they are craving something, I am right on the case. Both mom and TAb talked about No Bakes cookies this last week, so I decided to make it happen. I discovered I needed more coconut, but a trip to the store produced no unsweetened coconut. Hmm…. I’m standing in the aisle pondering what to do and it hits me: Let’s make use nuts. This was the end result and I think they ended up better than original coconut dominate recipe. You know how I know they were the real deal? My sister has a sweet tooth, when my mom was pregnant with her, she caved some major sugar. I gave my mom 3 of these last week: one for her and oneĀ  for each of my nephews Trenton and Gavin. Well she left them in my sister’s refrigerator. The next day Amanda had to know where those cookies came from. Did Brittany make these? I love my sister, but praise isn’t an everyday thing in our relationship. So if she dishes out some praise, I know it’s good. Plus if a 4 and 6 year-old tell me they are soooo goooood, then I know I’ve nailed it! The even proportions of nuts to coconut worked out beautifully.

Nutty for No Bakes

Caramel Apple Pie

Of course I can’t just make any old apple pie, I’ve got to put something in it. Maybe in part of my deep yearning to have back the Fall-like weather of two weeks ago, I decided to do a caramel apple themed pie. Kids love them. They blend beautifully together. Why not? This is GOOOOOD!

Caramel Apple Pie

1 1/2 cup Almond Flour
1/2 cup Coconut Flour + more for dusting the board
1 tsp Raw Honey
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Where Does Your Food Come From?


I’m a big fan of farmer’s markets. I enjoy meeting the provider and nurturer of what I’m going to use to fuel and nourish my body. I also love visiting a farm. I’ve been to all of the grass-fed farmers in our area. Talk about good people. Earlier this year I even experienced my first ever cattle drive at one of farms. I gathered with a community of like-minded individuals. I can’t tell you how happy and blissful I am in these moments. I feel at home.

A few weeks ago I posted a blog about honey that my cousin Beth had so graciously gifted me. Fast forward to this weekend when I visited Beth in Michigan. While there I took a closer look at my sourced honey. I felt the weight. I watched the bees swarm. I sampled it in my morning beverage. I was captivated and I must confess I have a new prickling gut feeling that bees will be in my future (although its been on my mind for a few months now, this made it so its stamped to my mind). I enjoyed every moment of connecting with my bee source. Find where your food comes. Get to know your source. Be your own source.

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Mexican No-Bakes

Growing up I would place no-bakes in my top three of favorite cookies (nothing could touch grandma’s iced sugar cookies or sandies). Of course I wanted to adapt a recipe that I can eat now. I also wanted to please my developing tastes for a savory play on things and my love of spicy foods. Let’s make these cookies with a little kick then!

Mexican No-Bake Cookies

Red, White, & Blue Pie Stunner

001Sorry I am finally posting the beautiful pie I made for our family 4th. It was so stunning my uncle Eric requested his wife take pictures to make it for his birthday. And he hadn’t even tasted it yet! As I mentioned the other day, this side of my family has a couple Celiac’s and some gluten-intolerances. Therefore they love when I walk through the door with some kind of gluten-free yumminess. My aunt Marti couldn’t stop munching on the crust, she said it was like granola. The good news is the crust was a breeze to make.

Red, White, & Blue Pie Stunner


Honey, Sweet Honey

001 What is the best gift for a baker? When my cousin asked me if I wanted some fresh honey from their farm, my answer was a resounding YES! If you haven’t caught on I do not like to use refined sugars, natural sweeteners are more my style. I still think most of the time we should eat whole foods: meat, fruits, vegetables, fats, but when I go to a party or event sometimes I’ll make a treat. Cue in natural sweetness’ like honey. Of course this country can turn any good, natural thing into an industrialized mess. We like convenience. We want to make it fast. We want to make a lot of it. We want to make it last on the shelf. And we want to make it cheap. Hence, I think a lot of the honey at the store is shit. When I go shopping I look first to make sure it is raw honey. Next I look and see if I can get a local honey. I’m a big fan of shopping locally and supporting local grocers and farmer’s markets. Does it cost more? Hell yes it does. But I ask myself and maybe you’d like to too, when you’re eying the sometimes pricier healthier option: Do I want to pay a little more now or do I want to pay in my health and deterioration later? Do I want to be shelling out down the line for doctors appointments and medication followed by more medication?

I am a recovering research junkie. I started out blogging for my father’s health site BodyChange.net. I wrote over 800 posts on a variety of topics (and I mean variety from macronutrients to exercise to orgasms to pooping. You name it and I probably covered it). Of course I did a little digging on natural sweeteners. Honey is not our only option. There’s maple and maple sugar and molasses. There is also coconut sugar and nectar, but I’m just not thoroughly convinced on them, so I usually stick to the first couple of options. What is going on with honey? Are there some redeeming qualities that make it the ‘pick me option’?

How can we distrust something with such a long history. Early hunter-gatherers used smoke to get the bees out of their hives, so our Continue reading “Honey, Sweet Honey”