Goals with Soul: Setting Goals for the New Year

It is that time of year again.

The new year time. A time for goal setting. The idea is wonderful but most don’t last. So what is the key?

I am in love with the new. I am a change seeker. Mornings are my favorite time of day. Monday’s are my favorite day of the week. And the new year is the embodiment of how these things make me feel. Like I am on the cusp of some new, exciting adventure. It is filled with potential and possibility.How do we tap into this?

I have been thinking about this Jason Silva video about sunsets lately (I actually forced my cousin to watch it after he made fun of me for my hippy perspective). Because I think this sunset/sunrise thing is a good metaphor for why we look forward to the new year. Because it is:

“A moment in which we can witness the transformation. In ordinary waking states we cannot perceive the passing of the moment. It forces us to be more present. The moment becomes impregnated with a sense of importance With a sense of meaningfulness. It frames the moment and induces a transformative experience.” Jason Silva

I think this is why I have spent a lot of time longingly watching and chasing sunsets and sunrises this year. Here is my favorite one. 12195803_10101118652578533_634927110403679920_n

As midnight hits and we go from 2015 to 2016 we can future trip into the us we want to be in this transformative moment.

How do we get this moment to last though? How do we let it play out throughout the day, rather than just at sunrise and set? How do we take the journey to transformation?

Let us begin by goal setting.

What do you want in your life?

Seems like a simple little question right? But how many of us really know what we want? How many do the inside work? What are your desires? What sets your soul on fire? What makes you excited? What gets your heart racing?  This is more than resolution/New Year work, this is lifelong legacy work. It is a practice like yoga or kettlebells or anything we wish to be good at.

I am a Danielle LaPorte fan. I also go back to some igolu work I did with my cousin Jacki. We talked often about living above the line, rather than below the line conditioned reactions. Make a circle. Inside the circle put what you want. On the outside, put what you don’t. What I loved when I talked with my group was the Danielle LaPorte approach: how do you want to feel? Create goals from this perspective. Okay so inside my circle I have that I want to be joyful. Well what brings me joy? Create and live from this answer.  Continue reading “Goals with Soul: Setting Goals for the New Year”


Quit Playing Small


So I love this quote.

Last month, my rad cousin Jacki invited me to do some game changing Igolu sessions. It was completely empowering. Not only did it connect me better to myself, goals and dreams, but it tied me to a group of really strong, game-changing, goal-getting women.

Our first call I was so nervous.

My reactive thoughts were telling me, “who are you to be on this call? A little baker from Indiana.” I listened to the other powerhouse women introduce themselves, and I thought, “holy shit.” And then Jacki said, “Just know you are meant to be here.”

My reactive below the line living voice was instantly shut down. And I thought of this quote. Which coincidentally, one of the other members posted in our group later that week. Something the Universe intended for me to hear and remember.

I have this conditioned habit of playing it small. Sometimes I tell myself I am trying to be humble, but that is bullshit frankly. I am doing what the quote above says.

And as I dove further into the sessions this popped up. This play it small. This inability to to not receive. Like a light dimming switch. But awareness is the key, catching myself. And being aware that I do this.

I am the first one to help, to volunteer, to want to cheer others up, to give compliments. I want to build others up, but there is a barrier when others do the same. I shut down. I act coy. I can’t maintain eye contact. It is weird. It is weird because I truly think I am awesome. Read my about section. That is truly how I feel. I am statements I rock. I am strong. And beautiful. And creative. And smart. And talented. And positive. And radiant. The list is on-going. There is a disconnect when someone else says it though. Where is that coming from? And so I teach myself to shift. Take the compliment Brittany. Take the upgrade. Remember. Remember this quote. Give it out and take it. You are enough. Boom, that sentence is critical.  Continue reading “Quit Playing Small”

The Importance of Showing Up


 : Here’s the honest truth….sometimes the most difficult and most important thing that you will ever have to do is to just show up.

When my alarm went off at 4:45 this morning and then again at 5, my brain buzzed with reasons to stay in my comfy bed. 1. It’s comfy 2. It’s warm 3. SLEEP! I want to sleep longer 4. It’s raining 5. I’m sore, I don’t want to go to yoga. 6. It’s 5 am! 7. My bed, my bed is so freaky comfy. I think you see where I am going. The list is ongoing. I do this same song and dance with other areas of my life. Laundry. Kettlebells. Reading. Writing. My own work. Why haven’t I written a cookbook yet? Hikes. Plans with friends. The market. Sometimes getting myself there  is the biggest battle. Because after yoga, after kettlebells, once my apartment is clean, once I’ve spent time with my friends, I FEEL/AM better.

I am a hider. Growing up I was super shy. I was terrified. I was a perfectionist. I was a people pleaser. I tried. I tried so hard. And I was completely boring/bored. I wasn’t living authentically. I wasn’t living creatively. I was not making any real connections because I was trying to make people like me, even though I was terrified to talk to them.

And then I entered my 20’s and something changed. I began reading a lot. I started following more inspirational leaders. I got to know myself. Because how can you live authentically if you don’t even know who the fuck you are? I found out (really I rediscovered and unearthed) what I was really passionate about. What gets me excited? What brings me bliss? What makes me feel most alive? I am so passionate about baking, writing, hiking, and people.  Continue reading “The Importance of Showing Up”