Gluten-Free Kale Wraps


I know was a real big thing for a while. And I do believe eating a variety of greens is important. I think I tried making my first batch of kale chips some 8 + years ago.

Truth: I wasn’t sold.

I am a cabbage girl. I could eat it everyday. And cabbage chips are my favorite vegetable chip (click the link for the recipe). So kale could never hold a candle to my beloved cabbage (which I could/can eat everyday).

I tried sauteing the kale. Nope. Worse there, the chips at least had a nice crunch.

So kale blew-up with catchy kale shirts popping up and a plethora of jokes made their round. It gotten trendy and I was really over it then.

But the hype has died down. And I have had enough time. Enough time to give kale another chance.

My favorite quicky recipe are lettuce wraps. When I’m having a lazy day or I’ve done a ton of baking, I frankly don’t want to spend a bunch of time prepping food or cutting vegetables (although there are many days when I love this). So lettuce wraps are light, refreshing and easy to slap together.

I feel bad sometimes, however, for my dear husband who doesn’t really complain, but who does enjoy a tortilla wrap for lunch.

In the past I’ve made spinach wraps (again click the link for the recipe). They were really freaking good. So I resolved to switch things up this time around. Kale. Now was the time, that I was ready to give kale a third trial.

The verdict?

SOOOOOOO delicious! Make a batch, freeze some for future lazy days.

Explore filling it with different options. I did lettuce and bacon here (no BLT’s for me, I do not do raw tomatoes, it’s a texture thing).

However you could do: chicken salad (or egg or tuna). You could maybe make some spin on fajitas. Pulled pork. Kale inside kale with sweet potatoes and pork strips.

You have options when it comes to wraps. Loads of options that are customizable to your own taste. Continue reading “Gluten-Free Kale Wraps”

Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Crispy Kale

My mother-in-law Sharon and my mother Susan 

My main love language would be acts of service. I thoroughly enjoy doing things for other people (I do struggle, however, sometimes with receiving this back). Especially food. I am a baker. I live in the kitchen. It is one of the main ways I express not only my creativity, but my love. Gifts are probably my last language. So when it comes time to celebrating birthdays or holidays or any special occasion, I either like to create an experience (take my nephews to a state park or have a Batman themed night) or like to bake or cook something. Continue reading “Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Crispy Kale”

Gluten-Free Butternut & Kale Lasagna


I have really been working on cooking for myself lately. I work in a kitchen. I spend a decent amount of time baking and cooking for others or thinking about cooking for others or about creating recipes to post. Rare do I stop to think of myself. Frankly I am  And I go back to what my father always tells me, you can’t be of service to anyone else, if you don’t take care of yourself. Of your own health. So I have been creating space, making time.

This past week I made a delicious rutabaga pizza crust, stuffed portabella mushrooms and this beautiful dish which I am calling a lasagna. Being single and living alone means that these three dishes can feed me for days! This dish in particular was extremely filling and it made a lot of servings, so I ate on it for 4 days.

Butternut and Kale Lasagna

  • Ghee
  • 2 Butternut Squash (I used ones with longer necks), thinly sliced
  • 3 tbsp minced garlic
  • 1 Bunch of Kale, stems removed, chopped
  • 6 oz Mozzarella Cheese
  • 1 lbs. ground pork (mine was spicy!)

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Kale & Quinoa Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms

20160112_190539I like recipe that I can prep and then make easily. This recipe falls into this category. I get 4 meals for the week at once, and all I have to do once I have stuffed them is bake them fresh when ready to eat.

This has an assortment of colors (nutrients then). And it has great flavors. I love that I let one bake a little longer and the kale on the top got nice and crispy, so a little texture was added. The great thing about stuffing something like this is, you  can tailor it for your own taste. Maybe you don’t like onions, but you like peppers. Sub them out. Maybe you want to stuff your mushrooms with mushrooms, you can do that. Maybe you want to use cauliflower rice, rather than quinoa. Maybe you don’t want any dairy, take out the cheese. Maybe you want to add Brussels sprouts. Maybe you want to trade sweet potato for butternut squash. Build your own. Get and be creative. Make it taste good for YOU. You are the one eating it, enjoy what you make, what you’re eating, what you’re using to fuel your body. Make it taste good. Food can be delicious.

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Kale Chips Two Ways

006I know kale is a ‘big thing’. At work we are constantly using kale. People can’t get enough of it. I do not like kale. I’m a cabbage girl. I would, could eat cabbage everyday. However, if someone gives me some free kale I am down doing something with it (Jude and I are constantly baffled by food waste from all the plates we clear.

So when my roommates left a large bag of kale in my hands, I went for the kale chips, merely because I don’t mind kale when it’s seasoned and crispy. Plus it’s super easy. When I’m kicking life ass, sometimes I want something quick to make. Or when I spend all day in a kitchen cooking for other people, I want something kind of brainless and quick when I get home. I did decide to do two different kinds of kale though since I had so much to work with.

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