Why Yoga: It’s National Yoga Month

077It’s National Yoga Month. Did you know that? Have you been? It’s late in the month, but what better time than NOW to start?

Before I go into why to yoga. Let me share my own yoga history. I have had a body/mind interest as long as I can remember. My love of portrait sketching, morphed into sports drawings, when I was in Middle School. I scouted and looked for the most inspiring sports pictures to draw. Some would call it an addiction. I would like to consider it dedication. At the same time I was playing multiple sports and lifting weights. My sister is seven years older than I am, while she was in high school we had a little weight-lifting area in our garage. I would venture out there. I pleaded with my dad to let me lift. He promised me when I turned 10, I could. The countdown began. I loved it. I was strong. I am strong, naturally. I love testing my body. Once I got to high school, my dad’s fitness business began growing…rapidly. But initially, I spent every summer tucked away in the garage, watching him instructing his clients. I lifted weights with the guys. Pushing. Always pushing what I thought I was capable of. In school I took every fitness center class I could fit into my schedule. I instantly stood out as the strongest female. I kept piling on plates. In college, I was dead-set on studying exercise science. Anatomy class, after anatomy class. I spent my summers in the gym, playing and lifting with the college players we had or the other guys. I was always eager to show that I was not to be underestimated. I am strong. Continue reading “Why Yoga: It’s National Yoga Month”

Why to Meditate: Learning to Let Go

Surrender. I find myself lately consciously choosing to seek out activities and practices which take me out of my comfort control zone, into a place of surrender. YIELD is the new word circling through my head. Because as laid back as I try to be perceived. As chill as I am. As flexible and understanding, I still see instances where I grip onto control. I have been a recovering perfectionist for years. In recent years I have morphed into someone described as fiercely independent. I believe there is a point where you have to let others in though. Independence is great, but I have to be aware of letting others in. Otherwise I notice I’ll create this feeling of separation. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I run this line through my head, because it is true. The more I open up. The more I am vulnerable. The more I share my soul, thoughts and give my heart to others, the more I feel CONNECTED. I can relate to just about anyone if I am willing to be open. If I yield. Instead of being staunchly set in my way, plans, itinerary, ideas, lost in some future tripping, I stop and LISTEN. Let ideas, creativity, and conversations take over and FLOW. When I let go. When I get back to that Eckhart Tolle NOWness.

I am guided and taken care of. Let go of controlling the future. I am taken care of. I always have been. For even when I look back (for it is always easier to glance back) I see how we are being guided and that things happened at the perfect moment. In the moment things may seem like a struggle. There are challenges. But yield. Surrender. Let go. And keep the faith that something better is coming to you in the future. Maybe it is the Sagittarius in me, but I always have the optimism that life will get better. The better I get at surrendering, the more I see how I am taken care of. Unreal connection. Things arrive at the opptune time. Job  or money opportunities pop up when I need some cash (usually just the right amount of money). People and connections. New opportunities. An adventure. A present. I notice daily small little signs. In the mornings I like to hit my meditation area. Once there, I offer up surrender and ask to be guided.  Continue reading “Why to Meditate: Learning to Let Go”