YOUR Tribe

5c9f3778198d5328fd9cb4005b370b95I think I started getting into the notion of tribes a view years ago after I read some Mastin Kipp posts. Since then the word has seemed to infiltrate my life. Yesterday it popped up on my timeline in a hashtag #igolutribe (freaking cool!). And with my birthday Tuesday and Thanksgiving today, I’ve really got it flowing in my brain waves.

Call it a tribe. A clan. Your peeps. Your posse. Your family. Your friends. Your squad. Your people. Whatever, the adjective, they are the people who surround you.

Take a moment.


11988396_10206576010576889_3835817942495295753_nWho are those people for you? Who do you spend the most time with? Are they positive? Do they build you up? Do they light you up?  Are they energy vampires? Do they suck you into drama and bullshit? Do you thrive with them? Do they encourage you in your dreams? Can you be vulnerable in front of them? Can you cry in front of them? Is there space to be honest, real and completely raw at times? Can you be yourself, 100% completely embracing the weird and genius you?
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