Salmon Cakes


You don’t always get everything right the first time. Lesson in point, these salmon cakes. We had some salmon chilling in the freezer. “How about some salmon cakes,” requests my awesome husband. Of course I confidently reply Of Course I Can. Maybe I was overconfident…….

Regardless the first attempt ended up not holding together and I kind of just tossed it in the skillet. Attempt number two?

I nailed it. This made 5 too (too many for my husband and I), so I refrigerated some for the next day, and they cooked up even better than the first batch. Looking at this picture, however, I am on a roll with failed attempts, because the side on the left were supposed to be rutabaga tator tots. They ended up being rutabaga hash browns. And this was my second attempt. My first attempt was with sweet potatoes and they were too big and too soggy.

This meal with the salmon cake, rutabaga hash browns, and broccoli (with one piece of bacon chopped in) was so well balance, filling, and absolutely delicious.

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Hearty Root Hash


I was raised on home cooked meals. My dad is a bomb ass cook. Legit and honestly he rocks and a lot of my passion for the kitchen comes from him and my childhood. My mother is a meat and potato kind of girl. Heavy on the potato side. We stopped eating potatoes over a decade ago. I still dig some other root veggies sometimes. A few weeks ago I was strolling through the produce section. Something that really brings joy into my life because I am like a child and easily entertained. I stroll, waiting, waiting on something to pop out at me. Allowing inspiration to take it’s course. This particle trip, parsnip was magnetically pulling me in. Kind of like flirting. I look at. I look away. No. I couldn’t. And then I look back. And then coyly look away. Needless to say you get what I’m going for. Eventually it finds it’s way into my ¬†cart. it needed some friends. I admit freely that I don’t like eating it by itself. But it does pair nicely with some other roots. So I continue my inspired stroll. Picking up others as I go. Sweet potatoes. Rutabaga. Onion. Garlic. Butternut? (more work than I’m willing for this meal). Let’s add some sausage, make this a hash.

I am single. I live alone. This meal fed me for days and it was cost effect. I got one of each, so that a dollar or less for each. I chopped them into smaller cubes. And like I said I ate on it for days. And most importantly it tasted GREAT! Hearty and wholeness.¬† Continue reading “Hearty Root Hash”