Blissfully Baked Hard-Boiled Eggs

017I could eat eggs everyday! And I have. When I took off to Yosemite a few years ago with a plane ticket to San Fransisco and my back pack, I had four dozen hard boiled eggs to nourish me on my adventure. Besides generally, just liking eggs, I believe in the benefits of a good egg. What do I mean by good? I would first encourage you to click the link on grass-fed that I did. Pasture-raised are packed with more nutrients than conventional eggs. I get mine from a local farm (L & A Farms, which I have visited) at the Farmer’s Market, which also sells to a local grocery store. An easy way to tell if your eggs are nutrient dense and superior is the color. Pastured eggs are a deep, rich yellow color compared to the lighter, cloudier colored store-bought egg. If you want to find grass-fed farmers around you check out Eatwild. com, which lists state-by-state. Even better would be to raise your own chickens! Continue reading “Blissfully Baked Hard-Boiled Eggs”

Rosemary Whole Roast Chicken

009Of all the things I’ve cooked (things like tongues), I was a little astounded to realize I had never roasted a whole chicken. I was so pumped at the March Farmer’s Market to walk away with a beautiful pasture-raised chicken. Today I finally got around to roasting. I’ve done Thanksgiving turkeys with my sister, surely I can rock a chicken. I decided to keep it nice and simple. It is amazing how just a few seasonings can make the room smell delicious. Some lovely rosemary from Carol who runs the booth across from me, really made the bird flavorful. Recipe coming soon for my side dish:  butternut mash. A scrumptious little bird that I can eat from all week.

Rosemary Whole-Roasted Chicken