Pigs in a Blanket

So how late this post is, but at last this recipe has arrived, and who says you eat pigs just on New Years Day? Growing up, going to my grandma and grandpa Paulin’s on New Year’s day was the custom. Hopefully there would be snow and my cousins and I could wear ourselves out somewhere sledding. Then we come back to sit around, get toasty and EAT! What else would eat other than her homemade Pigs in a Blanket? Yum…. so a few years ago when I dropped rice I needed a newer, yet still delicious recipe for pigs. I made this for a cooking class once. It was a hit. Such flavor. Such texture. This is a meal after my own heart. I could eat cabbage everyday, I adore it. This recipe is good ALL year. Enjoy and thank you again for following me and sharing in my passion for cooking. I hope you have the best year EVER. Happy New Years! (Also shot out to Missy Fagg for taking this beautiful picture at one of my cooking classes, you are my favorite photographer).

Pigs in a Blanket