016If you have pizza, you need breadsticks right? The other day I posted some yummy pizza rolls. To take it above and beyond, I used the cauliflower pizza crust recipe to make some breadsticks. They are so simple, just don’t add the topping, brush with some Kerry Gold butter, coconut oil, or olive with some garlic salt. You may shave a little grass-fed cheese on the top. Delish!


Chicken Pizza Rolls

006These are FANTASTIC! One day on a hike this idea popped into my head, today I decided to run with it. It was spot-on and loads better than I could ever have anticipated in my head. I did use a tiny bit of cheese here, but it really added to the texture and flavor of the dish.

Pizza Rolls

Dairy-Free Cauliflower Pizza


Cauliflower Pizza crust has been my go-to option pizza option over the years, but this weekend I decided I wanted to cut out the cheese. Thus, this delicious pizza pie was created. So good. For an hour afterward, Tab and I reflected in awe about how good it was. We would be silent or watching a movie and randomly blurt out: man that pizza was the shit. It was our first dinner together since I’ve been crashing there. My take is that if this is the first thing we made, think of the potential of great dishes we can make. Wow, wow, wow this was divine, any cheese would have taken away from the great flavor.

Paulin Paleo Pizza