Paleo Pot Pies

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Hello beautiful people!

I hope you are having a wonderful week so far. I for one am feeling refreshed. Refreshed after a week in the mountains. Life is always that balancing act. I have been working diligently for months on my computer now, finally having the time (making it the priority) to pour out and create the vision that has been in my heart for years now. Designing cooking classes, cook books and 8-week programs, which bring me back to my teaching and kettlebell roots.

Truth: sooooo much computer work, is rough on me. I am a nature junkie. I crave to be outside. It fuels me. It fuels my creativity. The best ideas are given to me on trails and in the woods. So being inside and in a city which is pretty flat and lacking in parks, has me adjusting. Maybe crankier than I typically can be, because I am typically never cranky. Those hike keep me in good spirits. They keep my perspective up. And my worries down.  I am a person who needs nature on the regular. So I have to find time to balance both.

Plus travel is important to me. Zach and I were discussing bills and money, when he looked at me and said: I am not just working to pay bills.

True that babe, we were made for than being work horses. We were made to live.

Living to me is exploring. Getting out in God’s beautiful creations. It is humbling, and invokes moments of awe. Beauty so great we fall silent and still. Where we have nothing to say, no words will suffice. We may say wow or ooh and ahh, but there is no way to describe the experience and what we are witnessing.

So I feel good. I needed it. I needed to be in the mountains. I am ready to be back here.

What do I have for you today? Today’s post is another tale where a story of failure turned into determination to make it better. Failure is how we look at it. I’ve had some pretty epic fails in my day too. My parents business failing, going bankrupt, loosing possessions and struggling to try to keep something afloat that was clearly sinking, that has been my rock bottom. Trying to hold on to a dream, and having all the visions of my future self vanish. The feelings of lostness. Trying to scramble when there was no money. But through it all, I realized we have perspective. Perspective that happiness and joy do not come from things. Or even jobs. What we do, does not define it. Baking brings me joy, and my business allows me to connect to people and serve, but I am is deeper than that. Loosing everything, you gain that you are more than things. That love is the most important. You learn true faith. An unwavering belief that this to shall pass and the future will be better. That right now is still good. That you are here alive. That you have health. And love. And that you are never alone. Our failures are our greatest lessons. Learn from them, don’t use them to become a victim or feel sorry for yourself. Use it to be better.  Continue reading “Paleo Pot Pies”