Crispy Rutabaga Cake

IMAG3924I loved potatoes growing up. My amazing momma was a meat and potato girl. Bake potatoes were my jam.

However, I’ve read so much about potatoes, it’s added a stigma about eating them. This has created a barrier about eating them, and although I see some Paleo sites including them, I just can’t pull the trigger yet.

However, in the last 15 years, since I’ve cut them, I have discovered and experimented with an array of other tubers. I have grown fond of sweet potatoes, which I claimed to hate as a child (I was a super picky eater and most of the time I claimed to hate something, when the truth was, I had never tried it). I really like parsnips (as does my husband, so we really dig a root hash with them). Turnips, I tried but they seemed bland compared to the others and I didn’t go beyond trying them. Plantains= love (read yesterday’s post on plantain chips). And rutabaga. I found I really enjoy rutabaga. I tried them first as fries. Yum. Delicious. I mashed them. They were good, but mashed cauliflower I think is still the best after 8 years of trying all tubers, I pick the cuneiform veggie. They are super good in a hash.

But then I saw a recipe for a crispy potato cake and boom I knew I wanted to try it with rutabaga. My husband has a mandolin slicer at work, so I was able to get a nicely stacked cake. This wasn’t very hard to make either, and it was full of flavor.

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Rutabaga Tator Tots

imag2385Nobody gets to the top of the mountain without falling on his face over and over again.

So this was in the book I was reading this morning. And I absolutely needed it. Because it is true. This year, thanks in a large part to my husband helping me decide and being uber supportive, I’ve decided to go for it with my business. It is my job. My focus. Which frankly is a bit terrifying. It is also very exciting and rewarding. My creative energy seems explosive. And I finally have the time to make and produce the visions of my head. But going for it, also can bring some doubts. And some setbacks. I stopped training kettlebells four years ago and decided I wanted to start my own baking business. Sometimes it seems so slow. And that mean voice in my head will ask and question why hasn’t it blown up yet? Is it worth it? Can it be self-sustaining?

But it is a process. And all great people, face set-backs on their rise to the top. You don’t wake up morning, super successful. And the book gave examples from Henry Ford to Michael Jordan to Beethoven. And I think back on my own short journey so far. When I applied for the market in Terre Haute, I was rejected twice before an opening became available. And then I went full force. I showed up each week, me and my stuff. Perseverance and tenacity as important traits to have in life. When life tells you no, you except the timing may be wrong, but no matter what you don’t quit. The only true failure is quitting or giving up on a dream before you give it a fighting chance. So you keep working. You keep trying. You keep submitting until that no becomes a yes. You don’t take things lying down. And I have to remind myself of this. In December I started selling at a new market, in a town where no one knows. And I started in the winter, not a super busy time for farmer’s markets. But I am committed every other week. I get excited about my menu. I bake my heart out. And I hold that belief that it is going to be good, so good. Any sell and new person I meet is good. And in the summer when the season is hopping, I will rock it. But in the meantime, I keep working hard on all the other projects I need to do to set myself up for success. I finished my logo so I can print new business cards and brochures and banners. I’ve got flyers to hang up, old school, around town. I work on developing recipes and prepping for markets. I’m writing my cookbooks to sell. And also developing an 8-week program and cooking classes. So thank you for this slower time, so when the time to just bake and be productive comes, I’ll be ready and organized.

I’m posting all this with this recipe, because it took me until the third try to get this right. Initially I tried sweet potatoes and they were to mushy and big. Next I switched to rutabaga, but they didn’t hold together. Monday, though, I bought another rutabaga and I was going to give it another go. And they were beautiful. They had a tator tot texture. And they were good. Something I could a bunch of and freeze, so I can just pull and bake. Just because something doesn’t turn out the first time or you get a no, don’t let that stop you. Continue reading “Rutabaga Tator Tots”

Gooseburgers with Rutabaga Fries

goose.jpgLast week I had scheduled and planned on all my calendars and agendas that I was going to make and post a recipe with venison.

Fast-forward to Thursday, I had got some great work done at the library. I was feeling creative. I felt like cooking. Initially I was thinking I would maybe make a gluten-free venison meatloaf. Upon opening my fridge it hit me that what I really wanted was to make a burger with rutabaga fries. I ran into a snag upon opening the meat. I get all my wild game from my father, in lout of Zach and I hunting (or Zach butchering a duck). I was told to pull from the freezer (which my dad has stocked at all times because that’s all he’ll eat). Not knowing any differently, I reached in and pulled out three packs. One was a deer we at in Michigan, with Zach’s aunt Pam and uncle Dave. One happened to be a heart. And then the package I opened on Thursday, I noticed had feathers. Definitely not venison. Goose.

Now I was raised on wild game and I have eaten goose many times in the past (one of my favorite recipes is for goose jerky), however, I will be very honest that it’s never been one of my favorites. And the look on Zach’s face when I said it was goose, was one of unsureness and a tinge of terror. To say we were both apprehensive of how dinner would turn out, would be an understatement. Granted by that point I was more nervous about whether he would like it, than eating it myself.

So I moved on with my plan and proceeded to make goose burgers. I learned to just use my food processor to grind meat up on my own from my father. And they looked like typical burgers when I was cooking them in the skillet. But then there was the moment of truth. When we put them on a bun of lettuce and had to eat them……… Continue reading “Gooseburgers with Rutabaga Fries”

Gluten-Free Rutabaga Pizza Crust

10481088_10101015304159593_1006781885763692706_oA few years ago I was really into reading. I decided I would read 100 books in a year. Needless to say I have been recovering ever since. My reading has been on a massive decline. I digress, it started on my birthday. When my friends ask what to get me, I generally say to donate it to charity. My sweet granny is the only one who has ever listened to me. So I stopped requesting and decided a few years ago to come up with a list. Naturally the top were albums, but none of my friends were willing to go into Headstones in Terre Haute to pillage through the stacks. I am the hippy, they are much more anaylitcal and conservative than I am. Next up, I wrote up a list of books. My best friend, Tab, really came through. I excitedly opened up a package to discover Emerson’s Self Reliance and Nietzche waiting for me. This Nietzche quote speaks to my soul.

I am a walker. I walk to work. I walk out my problems. I walk out my goals. I walk out my stress. I walk out my joy. See where I’m going. I walk to work. Part of the reason I chose my apartment, is that it is within walking distance to anything I could want. People offer me rides and frequently ask if I’ve walked. Of course I did! And then I typically (occasionally I will accept a ride) I will then decline.

Walking is when I think. Where I clear my head. I often write blogs on my walks. And frequently I come up with recipes. Rather, they seem to find me or just pop in my head. Have you read Big Magic by Liz Gilbert? Excellent freaking book on creativity. She talks about inspiration. About it choosing up. And then it is up to us to grab it. To take it for our own and use. And so often, inspiration hits me. And I have to act right away. Like the recipe is being delivered to me to execute.

“I believe that our planet is inhabited not only by animals and plants and bacteria and viruses, but also by ideas. Ideas are a disembodied, energetic life-form. They are completely separate from us, but capable of interacting with us—albeit strangely. Ideas have no material body, but they do have consciousness, and they most certainly have will. Ideas are driven by a single impulse: to be made manifest. And the only way an idea can be made manifest in our world is through collaboration with a human partner. It is only through a human’s efforts that an idea can be escorted out of the ether and into the realm of the actual.”  ~ Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

Last week while walking to work I knew I needed to try and make a pizza crust out of rutabaga. And so I finally did. It was delicious. And here it is. The recipe that came to me, while walking.

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Hearty Root Hash


I was raised on home cooked meals. My dad is a bomb ass cook. Legit and honestly he rocks and a lot of my passion for the kitchen comes from him and my childhood. My mother is a meat and potato kind of girl. Heavy on the potato side. We stopped eating potatoes over a decade ago. I still dig some other root veggies sometimes. A few weeks ago I was strolling through the produce section. Something that really brings joy into my life because I am like a child and easily entertained. I stroll, waiting, waiting on something to pop out at me. Allowing inspiration to take it’s course. This particle trip, parsnip was magnetically pulling me in. Kind of like flirting. I look at. I look away. No. I couldn’t. And then I look back. And then coyly look away. Needless to say you get what I’m going for. Eventually it finds it’s way into my  cart. it needed some friends. I admit freely that I don’t like eating it by itself. But it does pair nicely with some other roots. So I continue my inspired stroll. Picking up others as I go. Sweet potatoes. Rutabaga. Onion. Garlic. Butternut? (more work than I’m willing for this meal). Let’s add some sausage, make this a hash.

I am single. I live alone. This meal fed me for days and it was cost effect. I got one of each, so that a dollar or less for each. I chopped them into smaller cubes. And like I said I ate on it for days. And most importantly it tasted GREAT! Hearty and wholeness.  Continue reading “Hearty Root Hash”

Bacon Maple Mash


We are going to start off project ‘Delishmas’ with a mash! For Thanksgiving we did a rutabaga mash, but this month I figured we play with the savory, sweet mix I adore. The original game-plan was to do a Maple Mash. Season it with sea and cinnamon and GO. However, seeing as I am the culinary creator I thought we could add more flavor. Tomorrow I have Sweet Potato Bacon Bites. I decided to bake my sweet potatoes then with the bacon. Letting them cook in bacon fat. Yum love the layering of flavors.

Bacon Maple Mash

Balsamic Caramelize Onions with Peppered Bacon Rutabaga Mash


I lied. I said in my Blissgiving post that I was going to do a mash cauliflower, but the beauty of being the creator of this blog is the power I have to change my mind. For the past five years I have done mashed cauliflower for Thanksgiving. This year I wanted to branch out. I wanted to explore. I wanted to wander. My wandering brought me to my favorite crinkle fry maker: the Rutabaga. I didn’t want to just make mash though, I decided to toss-up some caramelized onions. Why not also add some balsamic vinegar in with the onions? Yum… I love the flavor added with balsamic. While I’m at it, I have some pepper bacon in the fridge, some of that up and toss it in. Oh my, so good. Sometimes you make something that although traditional seeming and simple, yet the comfy tastes and just goodness make you think: this is enough. I could just eat this. A little rutabaga, a little onion, a little balsamic, and a little bacon, that’s all it takes to get to palette bliss. GO!

Balsamic Caramelized Onions with Peppered Bacon Rutabaga Mash

Britt’s Breakfast Bake


Originally I set out to make a rutabaga casserole baked thingy. Then I ended up making breakfast  for the next morning. Simple heat in the stove and eat, easiness kind of thing. If I’m going to put things together in a pan, I am going to put my favorite foods. What do I love in the morning? Me personally I like; eggs, bacon, and sausage. I discovered spinach in the fridge as well, why not add some greens as well. Let’s make this dish as well-rounded as possible. Feel free to customize as much as possible. Maybe take that butternut and add it to the bottom. Maybe add onions or mushrooms or ham or chicken.

Britt’s Breakfast Bake

Fire Rutabaga Fries

067These fries literally seemed to set my mouth on fire when I first made them, but I love that punch. The strong flavor at the end, that makes food fun, it’s a little surprise waiting on you a few seconds later. I did a vlog one time for dad where I discussed flavor. I think cooking in general is a way to express yourself. I know for me at least it is one of the best ways to express myself. I truly love baking and cooking for others. That burning passion manifests in my meals. But also flavor is so important to food. You want to like what you’re eating right? Seasoning is a big way to do that. Creating different flavor profiles is fun, but also a form of expression. The way we season often reflects our personalities, it can show who we are (or who we think we are). My mom is a sweet girl. She has a heavy cinnamon hand. She is bubbly, vibrant and definitely oozing sweetness. My dad is a simple salt and pepper guy, but sometimes he throws some spice in there. My dad has definitely got some kick. He is who is and he’s not afraid to say what he believes is true. I on the other hand like to think of myself as the best of both worlds. My go to flavor profile is a savory, sweet, simple balance. I season nearly everything with cinnamon (eggs and meat included), a pinch of salt (simple is a key phrase for me, I’ve spent the last three years simplifying my life. Getting rid of the clutter, moving into my little shed, and focusing on being grateful for the important things in my life.), and a touch of spice like a Creole (so even though I’m the meditative, reflective dreamer who talks about love, I am also an honest straight-shooter like my father. I have my own thoughts and I’m not afraid to share them or to say no).

So create a flavor profile. Experiment, that’s what life is, trial and errors. Flops and successes, stepping-stones, and lesson after lesson. Never failure, I absolutely despise that word. There’s no such things. There is no rule book for life. Write and live your own story. Take it to the kitchen. Play around, gain experience. Write a cookbook for your palate. Have fun! Wow sorry I got a little windy there, at least today’s recipes is quick and convenient.

Rutabaga Firey Crinkle Fries