A Spiel on Sugar

Why don’t you eat sugar? I admit I was a little affronted the other day when prompted with this question. It’s been so long since I determined to cut sugars and that refined sugars are a health killer. Just one of those things I do (like not eating gluten), that I forget about the why. So I looked back at some of the research I’d done in the past and some of the blogs I used to write for my parents and found this gem. Warning: it’s sciency because I used to be a dork and enjoyed this stuff (hello my degree is a Bachelor of Science). So let’s start with hormones, so instrumental to good health, yet I feel a little under respected.

We shall start with insulin. Your body needs insulin, but the problem is that most of us don’t utilize or benefit from its anabolic effects, but suffer at the hands of its catabolic side. Yes we are out of balance, life is a fragile teetering of hormones and a lot of the population is on the wrong side of the scale, dipping into the unhealthy habit sector. When you eat food, notably carbs, your pancreas secretes insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. When we become resistant the insulin, we keep pumping more and more insulin to handle blood sugar. Your poor pancreas can become exhausted and the doctor will claim you have ‘pancreatic exhaustion’ (bet you didn’t see that one coming). Your blood sugar will then continue to rise, turning into an undisciplined child, wild and out of control. Next up will come the diabetes. Now not everyone that is insulin resistant is diabetic. And not all people that are insulin resistant are fat (although we’ll see that an expanding waistline is usually an indicator). These chronically high levels will take a toll, though. You really can’t hide from increased risk of:

Honey, Sweet Honey

001 What is the best gift for a baker? When my cousin asked me if I wanted some fresh honey from their farm, my answer was a resounding YES! If you haven’t caught on I do not like to use refined sugars, natural sweeteners are more my style. I still think most of the time we should eat whole foods: meat, fruits, vegetables, fats, but when I go to a party or event sometimes I’ll make a treat. Cue in natural sweetness’ like honey. Of course this country can turn any good, natural thing into an industrialized mess. We like convenience. We want to make it fast. We want to make a lot of it. We want to make it last on the shelf. And we want to make it cheap. Hence, I think a lot of the honey at the store is shit. When I go shopping I look first to make sure it is raw honey. Next I look and see if I can get a local honey. I’m a big fan of shopping locally and supporting local grocers and farmer’s markets. Does it cost more? Hell yes it does. But I ask myself and maybe you’d like to too, when you’re eying the sometimes pricier healthier option: Do I want to pay a little more now or do I want to pay in my health and deterioration later? Do I want to be shelling out down the line for doctors appointments and medication followed by more medication?

I am a recovering research junkie. I started out blogging for my father’s health site BodyChange.net. I wrote over 800 posts on a variety of topics (and I mean variety from macronutrients to exercise to orgasms to pooping. You name it and I probably covered it). Of course I did a little digging on natural sweeteners. Honey is not our only option. There’s maple and maple sugar and molasses. There is also coconut sugar and nectar, but I’m just not thoroughly convinced on them, so I usually stick to the first couple of options. What is going on with honey? Are there some redeeming qualities that make it the ‘pick me option’?

How can we distrust something with such a long history. Early hunter-gatherers used smoke to get the bees out of their hives, so our Continue reading “Honey, Sweet Honey”