Soft Gluten-Free Gingersnaps

“I love this. This is my first tree. I’ve always lived with someone. I love that it is simple, yet beautiful. It’s not themed or impersonal. It is me. More importantly I love that it is filled with memories and traditions. Every year since I was born my parents (mom) have gotten me an ornament. And so this is an accumulation over my lifetime. There are homemade ones and ones from other family members. And as much as I seem unconventional in many ways, I love holidays traditions. I think looking back I had a happy childhood, with a big crazy, beautiful family. Every time I walk by my living room I will have to smile. Because it floods me with these feelings. With love and tradition and family and memories and pure bliss.” ~Me, on my Facebook on December 8th
So clearly it is nearly Christmas. This above post pretty much sums up my thoughts on the holidays. Love. Family Tradition.
To me, as a baker, Christmas is about cookies. Growing up, both of my grandma made amazing cookies for Christmas. My grandmother Dreher lived across the holler and I would walk over it to my grandmothers house tucked into the woods. Once nestled inside we would roll and cut cookies. Stars. Trees. Maybe a few Santas. A couple of angels. These were the usual cookie cutters. Once they set we had the task of icing. I think if you took pictures of my cookies from a young age through my 20’s, they were be drastically different. While we were there, we sampled the other cookies. Sandies. Sandies (powdered sugar cookies with pecans) were my FAVORITE). I stayed clear of the gingersnaps (although they’re my momma’s favorite). I also really loved what she did with the extra dough when there wasn’t enough to shape. She would roll it thin. Cover it with cinnamon and sugar. Roll it up. And cut them into little pin wheels. Delicious.
Two years at my grandma Paulin’s we decided to start an annual cookie exchange. We all dressed up in our pajamas. My aunt Toni taking it to another level. Each person brought x amount of cookies. Everyone got to sample all the cookies. My cousin Jacki’s friend Erin then came to judge. She didn’t know who’s cookies where who’s. And I can only imagine the pressure of watching so many Paulin women staring at you while you ate. Waiting for a reaction. Afterwards we divided into teams and played games. It was a night filled with delicious cookies, fun, laughter, and the prospect and excitement of creating a new tradition.

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Delishmas: What’s Coming Next

Cute Buddy the Elf Christmas Print. I just by orangeblossomshopaz, $12.00The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.

I love Elf I’m sitting here watching it right now. Snuggled in with the Christmas tree glowing. I literally want to sing with Christmas joy….I love you…I love you….I love yooooouuuu! I have a big family, and I mean big. The holidays have always been a special time. A moment when we can all hit the Pause button and gather together. Fond memories spent on my grandparents lake, nuzzled in the house with the smell of homemade cookies in the air. Hugs everywhere after not seeing each other for nearly a year. Card games. Laughter. Fun. Giving. Wine and beer flowing. Reminiscing. Reconnecting. Catching up. Snow falling as we make the way home early in the hours of the morning, after a night of family fun. Barely sleeping before waking up to celebrate with my immediate family. Making hot chocolate while they still slept. Ready to go when we all wake up. Sitting down at the table together for breakfast together. Showering, setting out all our presents to look and wonder over. Then we walk over the holler to my other grandparents for a Christmas  Day feast and more FUN. Finish with a movie together and Christmas always seemed like a magical time to me. Granted as I’ve grown, so have the traditions. The additions of the next generation (my nephews), make the Holidays seem even more special. Continue reading “Delishmas: What’s Coming Next”