Veggie Chips On-the-Go

024As some may know, I have recently switched my commute style. Rather than sporting my pink-striped car, I’ve been hitting the pedal of my 1970’s purple slick chick banana seat. This lovely little change means a change in how and what I can transport. I have had to consider for instance what kinds of foods I can take on my bike, especially in the heat. I don’t want something that needs cooled. I could take whole fruit, but most of the time I prefer vegetables, but I don’t usually eat raw veggies. My new addiction then has become Green chips. It started with your usual victims: kale. But I am not a kale girl. Cabbage on the other hand is another story. Cabbage slut I am.  I could eat it all day everyday. So I discovered the cabbage chip (click the link for the original). But then I decided maybe I should add in some different greens. Mix in some other vegetables. I like variety. Let’s add some vegetables. Now I have a constant supply of veggie chips on hand when I’m out on my bike or to munch on at home. I can’t get enough of them. So tasty. I highly encourage you to play around with flavor profiles too. Add and subtract different vegetables at will.

Veggie Chips