Deer Jerky

003In my research days, I had a short stint with preserving food. I think it came about when I decided to research salt. Needless to say, looking up one thing had me delving further. I had a pretty intensive fling with pemmican (look it up), I don’t know why, but I needed to discover all I could about pemmican.

When I open up the freezer and stare at the piles of venison, I think hmm…..what to do? What to do? I took most of it and ground it into my own hamburgers (yum!), but what about the rest? JERKY. Talk about a traditional way of preserving food. And I have a dehydrator!

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Shaved Rutabaga with Venison

iYsSUuhOgY7E658bCpDq6MoF9nhrRuRGMQKwivhVeH8=w788-h524-noA few weeks ago I shared a lovely little story about hunting with my men and how eating food that you have a connection and experience with, seems to just taste and feel better going down. Well today I have some more of that beautiful venison to share with you.

Many hunters go through stages. Eventually you get to this level (insert my brother), where you hunt for the trophy buck. Whereas, at my level and humble beginnings, I am merely trying to kill an animal and sustain dinner for the night. The thing about hunting older, bigger bucks is they may not yield as tender of meat as their younger, smaller counterparts. The lovely 10-pointer Cliff got on Thanksgiving was gorgeous, but slightly tougher eating than any other deer we got this season.

I am saying all this, because I have found with this particular deer, I enjoy cutting it up into little cubes and tossing it in the skillet. Plus, I also have it planned out in my head (and meat unthawing in the sink) that I’m going to make some of it into deer burgers. Since I happened to have a rutabaga on hand, I opted for pairing it with my venison tonight, for an impromptu, yet very tasty meal.

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Paulin Pepper Pots

015What do you want for dinner? Surprise me! Hmm…. with this task I do what I usually do, throw good shit in a skillet and stuff something. There you have it, Venison Stuffed peppers. You know what? They were AMAZING! These are the types of meals I love and the one’s you’ll likely see me eating (yep a lot of the time I don’t even taste my baked goods, my mom lays her taste buds on the line to sample them for you all, so big thanks to my biggest supporter). They were flavorful with a layering of seasonings and just enough heat. This is also the first time I used kale in a stuffing mix. I am just not as excited about kale as I am compared to other vegetables, it’s hit and miss for me and this was a definite bull-eye. What I love is that the filling options are endless, especially with so many things coming in to season. And it’s a great way to clear out some things in the fridge or not to go to the store- use what you have. Use your imagination, GO!

Venison Pepper Pots

  • Bell Peppers (I used 4)
  • 10 oz venison, cubed (or whatever protein source you’d like: turkey, chicken, beef, pork, etc.)
  • Sweet peppers, finely chopped
  • Bundle of Kale
  • Sliced red onion
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