Liver Stuffed Rollups

I like to mix up the sweets with something outside of the box. I don’t typically eat the actual treats, although I love to make. Most of the time you’ll finding me eating the same things. And I keep it simple. Here’s some eggs and a piece of fruit. Done, breakfast is over. I do have a vivid imagination and creativity coming out of the ass, however. And cooking is a way for me to express myself to others. I really enjoy making good food for other people. Lately I have been looking at the quality of what I’ve been eating. Prompting myself with: how can I eat better today. How can I be healthier today? How can I stress less? Sleep enough? Exercise just right? And meditate to serenity today? How can I get more nutrients? This last one brings me to today’s post. I wholeheartedly believe in pasture-raised and grass fed meat/dairy. I also am a huge fan of the Weston A. Price foundation. Check out their website and you’ll learn about the benefits of liver and high-vitamin butter. Confession: I’ve been slacking on my liver. Now I am committed. I’ve pulled out my chicken liver pate, I’ve got some celery, boom a nice snack during the day. Next up what about an actual meal. When I’m having this Epiphany of quality, my brother-in-law just so happens to come into some tongue and liver to use at my disposal. And they’re getting another 1/2 calf, meaning I’ll have more coming my way. Also meaning there will be more coming your way. I know you can’t wait for the tongue recipe I have coming! Anyways, here is recipe number one of Let’s it Liver mindset.

Stuffed Liver Rolls

Creamy Pate With Wheat Belly Bread

007 (2)I was so excited with the end result of this pate, it was my first time ever making it. Besides the fact that offal is usually a little more cost efficient, it is nutrient dense as well. I started out as a research queen writing health blogs for my dad. The Weston A. Price Foundation was one of my favorite sites and sources of information. They rave about the benefits of liver and high vitamin butter. So if I can, I try to put in liver at least once a week if not more. I was so pumped to leave the market yesterday morning with a bag of local pasture-raised livers and hearts. To add to my excitement, Dr. Sharifi brought me some bread she’d made from the Wheat Belly cookbook (I would make a few tweaks to this). I haven’t thoroughly discussed it, but I think it’s kind of obvious that I eat Gluten-Free. Besides all the research I’ve read on it, I also have a family history of Celiac’s Disease, so cutting it out seemed like a no-brainer for me personally. If you want to learn more about it, Wheat Belly is a great source of information. Watch this clip of Dr. Davis to get a little hint. This pate turned out so creamy and delicious! I’m going to try it on Continue reading “Creamy Pate With Wheat Belly Bread”